Networking / June 3, 2016

Using Comprehensive Network Traffic Visibility to Meet Compliance Directives

As the number of successful data breaches increases and the amount of data being stolen grows, many new compliance and legal directives are being enacted to force organizations to deploy better cyber security solutions. Further, audits and compliance investigations have become more frequent to ensure organizations are actually implementing solutions that will protect critical information. A key part of the increased scrutiny is a focus on documenting the actual process and activities being used to improve compliance. Learn more about how a network visibility fabric helps meet compliance demands.


Active Visibility. This blog series looks at critical cyber-security issues that can be mitigated or better managed by adopting new and innovative approaches to traffic visibility and monitoring. The ability to gain complete traffic visibility is essential to directing traffic to security appliances and solutions to optimize their effectiveness. In addition, there are new “best practices” to improve security through traffic monitoring for virtual and cloud infrastructure. This blog series will identify tactical as well as strategic issues around this topic. See past blogs – Blog #1 – Blog #2 – Blog #3 – Blog #4 – Blog #5 – Blog #6 – Blog #7 – Blog #8 – Blog #9 – Blog #10 – Blog #11 – Blog #12 – Blog #13 – Blog #14 – Blog #15 – Blog #16 – Blog #17 – Blog #18 – Blog #19 – Blog #20

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