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Five9 Delivers Cloud-Powered Contact Center Excellence with Gigamon

Customer engagement is key in a competitive world. More than ever, today’s consumers expect close engagement, together with products and services that are personalized for their needs. For many organizations, the contact center is the front door for customer interaction. A great contact center experience can make all the difference for business outcomes.

For more than 20 years, Five9 has been the leading provider of cloud contact center software. The company is driven by a passion to transform contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the cost and complexity involved in running a contact center.

Taking Cloud Expertise to the Next Level

Serving more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Five9 is dedicated to helping contact centers of every size create powerful customer connections. Its solutions are cloud-based, and the Senior Cloud Architect at Five9 plays a key role in driving the company’s cloud strategy.

“We utilize a number of different clouds of today, including AWS and GCP Cloud, and we have infrastructure there that we use for both our voice and data,” said Five9’s Senior Cloud Architect. “We depend on it to serve our customers, so we need to be able to reliably troubleshoot and monitor that traffic.”

Observability is key in a hybrid cloud environment, but gaining insight into multiple, complex traffic flows isn’t easy. Five9 needed a solution to ensure that it could make monitoring accessible for a variety of customized tools.

“We have some very specific-built monitoring tools for our voice infrastructure, and we needed to be able to send that traffic to them,” the Senior Cloud Architect said. “Those tools don’t have a cloud equivalent, so they reside in our four primary datacenters. We looked to Gigamon for a solution to send cloud traffic to our monitoring tools in the datacenters.”

Extending a Gigamon Solution for Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Five9 had already standardized on Gigamon solutions in its datacenters, so it made sense to leverage that for the company’s cloud implementation as well. The company uses GigaVUE® TA Series edge network packet brokers and Gigamon network TAP technology, which are key components of the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. Together, they aggregate multiple network links and feed the combined traffic either to GigaVUE HC Series products, directly to security and monitoring tools, or both. GigaVUE-FM fabric manager simplifies and automates the configuration, management, and operation of the solution.

“Gigamon delivers the observability we need, enabling us to leverage a variety of monitoring tools, both on-prem or in AWS, consistently, across multiple sites,” said Five9’s Senior Cloud Architect. “Being able to leverage a single pane of glass with the fabric manager — to be able to do that across our different regions to different datacenters is very appealing.”

The solution not only provides a consistent, centralized way to provide visibility into all of Five9’s environments, but is also payment card industry (PCI)-compliant, which is essential for supporting its customers’ contact center environments.

Gigamon helps Five9 close the visibility gap, strengthening the observability it needs to keep its cloud-powered contact center services running at their best.

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