Uncategorized / February 22, 2016

Improving Security Responsiveness Using More Effective Inside Threat Detection

Based on recent survey data, the likelihood that malware will penetrate your perimeter defenses has become a near certainty. Given this, it is essential that organizations deploy more effective inside threat detection processes to identify and remediate any malware or attacks that have evaded perimeter defenses—and to do so quickly. Read the full article and learn five ways the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform can reduce time to detection.

Active Visibility. This blog series looks at critical cyber-security issues that can be mitigated or better managed by adopting new and innovative approaches to traffic visibility and monitoring. The ability to gain complete traffic visibility is essential to directing traffic to security appliances and solutions to optimize their effectiveness. In addition, there are new “best practices” to improve security through traffic monitoring for virtual and cloud infrastructure. This blog series will identify tactical as well as strategic issues around this topic. See past blogs – Blog #1 – Blog #2 – Blog #3 – Blog #4 – Blog #5 – Blog #6 – Blog #7 – Blog #8 – Blog #9 – Blog #10 – Blog #11 – Blog #12 – Blog #13 – Blog #14 – Blog #15 – Blog #16 – Blog #17 – Blog #18 – Blog #19 – Blog #20

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