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Meet Robert Megennis, 22-Year-Old Driver Who Depends on Data + Visibility to Win Races!

Recently our team started sponsoring Robert Megennis, a 22-year-old race car driver who relies heavily on real-time data and visibility to help improve his drive time and win races. There are two key reasons we chose to sponsor Robert, the most important being that Megennis Motorsport operates as a family business, and this speaks to the core of our “OneGigamon” culture, in which our team members are viewed and treated as extensions of our own families rather than coworkers. The other reason (other than Robert’s car being ridiculously cool to watch in action) is the sheer amount of technology that goes into making a race successful.

Robert is currently one of the co-drivers of the No. 39 CarBahn with Peregrine Racing Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo, which is equipped with more than 300 sensors that constantly collect data and send it back to the team in real time during the races. All these touchpoints inform Robert and his team of where adjustments should be made to help improve things like drive time.

Robert says when he started the 2022 race season, it was rough: “We didn’t know what was running, we didn’t know what was happening, we were honestly one of the slowest cars to start the year, and after that first race, we were able to get some testing done and do some practice and gather some data.”

After collecting the data, Robert says it was a night-and-day difference being able to take that information from track to track. The Megennis team went from being one of the slowest cars at the start of the racing season to being one of the top three fastest cars ever since.

Data isn’t just important on the track or during a race — it fuels everything about a business, whether it’s a family racing team or an enterprise-level organization. Because data is critical to operating with efficiency and good decision-making, it’s crucial to have the highest level of security and visibility into all its moving pieces. This is exactly why we introduced deep observability to our customers earlier this year. In a nutshell, deep observability allows security, cloud, and networking teams to see every incoming threat before it’s too late.

Much like the Megennis team uses insights from the 300+ data sensors on Robert’s car, Gigamon supercharges an organization’s existing tools to provide teams with real-time, actionable, packet-level intelligence to mitigate threats and risks, not just from what’s in front of them but also from what’s around the corner and may still be unseen. To learn more about how deep observability can mean the difference between night and day for your business, head here.

See Robert In Action

There’s still time to see Robert and his family put all that useful data into motion! Check out the full 2022 race schedule here. The next race takes place in Connecticut, July 15–16.

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