Security / April 8, 2022

Hybrid Cloud Innovation Continues with the General Availability of Gigamon GigaVUE 5.15

The latest GigaVUE® operating system, version 5.15, adds several key features and enhancements to our Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline across GigaVUE-OS, Cloud Suite, and Fabric Manager (GigaVUE-FM) solutions. These features accelerate innovation in your cloud journey and provide continual evolution in the core. The software is available starting March 30, 2022.

Key updates and features include:

Core Enhancements

GigaSMART® applications expand the capabilities of the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to improve network visibility, traffic handling, and tool efficiency. This release adds advanced GigaSMART features to GigaVUE-TA400 that are especially critical for high-density environments. These include:

  • Tunneling (L2GRE, VXLAN): This feature allows you to receive tunneled traffic (for example, from numerous virtual traffic sources) and process it like any other traffic. You can even forward traffic over tunnels to separate, remote, or virtual destinations.
  • Header Stripping (L2GRE, VXLAN): This feature removes encapsulation or tagging headers from packets to improve effectiveness of monitoring and security tools.
  • MAC Address Rewrite: This feature allows you to obfuscate actual MAC addresses with useful replacement values to help with privacy and compliance.

Cloud Innovation    

The GigaVUE Cloud Suite™ provides consistent visibility into data in motion in hybrid cloud-based environments such as AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Nutanix, OpenStack, and VMware. It extends GigaVUE traffic distribution principles to containerized and virtualized environments, allowing users to filter, monitor, optimize, and forward traffic in private and public cloud environments to security, observability, network monitoring, and analysis tools.

This release adds:

  • Application Intelligence and NetFlow in Microsoft Azure: The following GigaSMART Application Intelligence operations are included along with NetFlow:
    • NetFlow: Provides basic L2–L4 NetFlow flow data
  • Support for V Series Node deployment using VMware NSX-T Manager: With this release, you can now deploy V Series Nodes through VMware NSX-T Manager. The deployed V Series Node can be monitored from GigaVUE-FM for traffic acquisition, processing, and forwarding. It adds flexibility to work with native VMware orchestration, further simplifying and accelerating deployment of a holistic and dynamic visibility fabric.

User-Experience Enhancement

This release adds several usability and display enhancements to Gigamon Fabric Manager™ (FM), the single-pane-of-glass orchestration and management platform for Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. These enhancements are added to GigaSMART Flow Reports to improve user experience and troubleshooting. The added enhancements include a sticky report information pane, single-page report format, exporting reports in Excel format, split-up of grouped columns, regional number grouping, and reporting poll timestamp.

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To summarize, this release provides substantial expansion of feature support for TA400 series, new reporting capabilities within FM for GigaSMART to simplify usability, plus Application Intelligence in Azure.

You can learn more about this exciting release in the Gigamon Community, by reaching out to your local Gigamon representative, or by contacting us.

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