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Gigamon India Receives GPTW Certification

Company culture — it’s always easier said than done! Believing in and nurturing a culture that stands the test of time is no easy feat for an organization like ours, with approximately 1,000 global team members. Yet this is exactly what Gigamon has achieved over the years.

I’ve tried many times to describe our “One Gigamon” culture (more on this in a moment) to those outside of the organization, but I’ve come to realize that it’s something so unique and meaningful that in order to fully grasp it, it needs to be experienced firsthand. Our employees have recognized this, and, as a result, Gigamon India is now officially certified as a Great Place to Work (GPTW™), alongside our U.S. office, which received the same certification last summer.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about some critical aspects that helped us earn the GPTW certification, and why putting employees first should be the cornerstone of any great company culture.

One Gigamon Is a Globally Unified Team

Rarely does a day pass at Gigamon without hearing the phrase One Gigamon. These two simple words, meant to signify that we’re all in it together, have become our go-to phrase for championing our employee-first culture. Admittedly, when I first heard the term, I was curious about what it actually meant. Could a large company with employees across the globe really operate as one holistic team? After being with the company for more than three years, I can say that I’ve never felt more connected with my colleagues.

Gigamon truly puts its employees ahead of everything else — not just when times are tough, but every day. The One Gigamon mindset is something our employees experience daily, from our CEO, Paul Hooper, to the most junior employee in the organization. Working as a unified team is a way of life at Gigamon, and it’s paid off in so many ways. Not only have our employee-focused initiatives paved the path for better work-life balance, but they have also improved our relationships with partners and customers.

Authenticity and Empowerment Matter

My favorite thing about our unified culture is that it allows every employee to be exactly who they are. Gigamon has empowered me to take action on what I believe is right for our One Gigamon team and the organization as a whole — because what’s good for people is good for business. When our team members show up as the most authentic versions of themselves, we’re able to accomplish amazing things together.

Gigamon Evolves with Its Employees

Our core belief that employees come first is paramount to everything we do at Gigamon. To this end, we have two significant people initiatives that we rely on to help continually shape our business. First, we have our own unique Gigamon Performance System (GPS), which centers on regular ongoing feedback with a focus on development from our team members. Second, we host biannual Employee Pulse surveys, which provide us with valuable feedback that we take action on. Checking in with our employees regularly and really understanding their feedback not only allows us to retain top talent — it naturally fosters connections and strengthens our One Gigamon team.

We asked a few of our employees to weigh in on what it’s like working at Gigamon. Here’s what they had to say:

“Having been in the industry for 15-plus years, Gigamon has been the most comfortable place to work for me. Not just because the compensation and benefits are good, but there’s a harmonious atmosphere here which helps you work at ease. This is where I found, for the first time, managers given a seat next to a subordinate, with the same desk arrangement instead of a manager cabin! The company culture has an overall feel of people looking out for each other. Needless to say, as employees, our feedback matters here!”

— Prabha Ramachandran, Senior e-Learning Content Developer

“I joined hands with Team Gigamon three years ago, and it’s an incredible journey since then — filled with various opportunities to learn, contribute, and excel. Glad to be part of the splendid One Gigamon culture blend with trust, transparency, innovation, and professional excellence, glued with great collaboration. We have a strong, energetic, empathetic, and inspirational leadership team with a great vision. We are truly cared for here through wellness programs, upskilling platforms, networking events, and volunteering acts enabling us to grow personally and professionally. Summing it all up, Gigamon places employees first and is definitely a great place to work.”

— Rathna Nisha Sam Sahayam, Principal Software Engineer

I have said this before in front of a room full of students in their senior year, during the annual placement drives here in Chennai, and I will repeat it one more time: Gigamon is one of the best places to start a career. When I joined Gigamon right out of college, all those years ago, I was welcomed with open arms into this institution which I can now proudly call a second family.

— David Daniel, Staff Software Engineer

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