Cloud / January 21, 2022

Gigamon Accelerates Innovation in Hybrid Cloud with GigaVUE 5.14 Launch

At Gigamon, we bid farewell to 2021 and welcomed 2022 with a bang! That’s right — with the GigaVUE® 5.14 software release, which extends the scale and capabilities of Gigamon Hawk, the Hybrid Cloud Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ (VAF). This release packs a ton of amazing features and enhancements that you’ve been waiting for. These updates and features guide evolution in the core and drive innovation in cloud and security while helping you deliver business excellence.

Key updates and features include:

Evolution in the Core: Two New Hardware Additions Are Here!

  • GigaVUE-TA400 – The first true network packet broker for 400G network link access! This product offers greater port density and more throughput than the GigaVUE-TA200.
  • Third Generation GigaSMART® module for GigaVUE-HC3 – This brings advanced GigaSMART capabilities with a significant performance boost to the GigaVUE-HC3 appliance.

Innovation in Cloud Visibility

  • GENEVE decapsulation for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – This feature is critical for AWS users needing access to cross-gateway traffic between VPCs, Availability Zones, and/or Direct Connect. AWS gateway load balancers acquire traffic from various sources and add the GENEVE protocol to the packets before distributing to third-party appliances. GigaVUE V Series can now strip out this added protocol from the mirrored and captured traffic for improved visibility. This decapsulation application enables customers to deploy our GigaVUE Cloud Suite™ for AWS into more scenarios and obtain visibility into a greater number of workloads.
  • Customer-driven orchestration is now available for Azure! – Our Azure customers can now automate the deployment of Gigamon virtual TAPs (G-vTAP Modules), visibility nodes (GigaVUE V Series), and their associated controller and proxy components with the same orchestration tools (Ansible, Terraform, and others) that CloudOps use to orchestrate their own workloads — just like our AWS, VMware, and OpenStack customers! It provides you the flexibility to work with multiple third-party orchestration options such as CloudWatch, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, in addition to Azure Resource Manager, to further simplify and accelerate deployment of the visibility fabric. (See our blog post, “Customer-Based Orchestration Maximizes Choice and Eases Deployments.”)

Deliver Business Excellence

  • Increased scalability of Fabric Manager (FM) High Availability (HA) – Allows you to add any number of instances to your FM HA group as needed. This enables you to grow or shrink your HA cluster based on demand for a ​scaled and resilient environment.
  • Fabric Health Analytics (FHA) and Topology Visualization enhancements – Includes performance improvements, several system dashboards enhancements, and clickable link export. It provides you a more granular and customizable overview of the fabric health​. The Topology Visualization enhancements include improvements to the Port Discovery page, Recently Viewed, Manual Network Nodes and GTAP nodes, View Option, and Edit Option. Ultimately, it provides you with deeper visualization into the fabric and connected devices.

The release also includes numerous other powerful software enhancements for the GigaVUE-OS, GigaSMART, Cloud Suite, and Fabric Manager products, including for the mobile core. It also completed the first phase of inclusive language adjustments to the user interfaces (web GUI, CLI, FM) and product documentation.

You can learn more about this exciting release in the Gigamon Community, by reaching out to your local Gigamon representative, or by contacting us.

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