Networking / December 22, 2020

GigaVUE 5.11 Release Extends Support for Cloud, Physical and Mobile Network Visibility

Updated September 30, 2021.

In the latest GigaVUE® 5.11 software release, generally available as of December 21, 2020, Gigamon brings new innovations in hardware and software to the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ (VAF).

With the increase in sophisticated attacks and the need for higher performance networks to support the demand in traffic growth, the new innovations provide enhanced security, higher bandwidth, more flexibility, and extended private and public cloud support.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Top Innovations:

  1. 40G ports and 66 percent higher throughput on GigaVUE-HC1 visibility node – With the addition of the 40G port module, the HC1 is getting a 66 percent higher maximum throughput boost — up to 604G per chassis — as well as the 40G ports. This new module can be added to any existing GigaVUE-HC1 chassis, enabling you to take full advantage of this higher port speed and the increased throughput straightaway.
  2. Up to 33 percent longer battery life for second-generation G-TAP A Series TAPs – The G-TAP A Series 2 of active TAPs includes a backup battery to protect against the chance of power loss. Depending on the model, network use case and settings, the battery life can now be extended by up to 33 percent, enabling customers to maintain network continuity for a longer duration when external power to the G-TAP is lost.
  3. Inline SSL support for single-arm non-NAT/PAT L3 tools – In many network security architectures, East-West traffic is protected by Layer 3 present tools such as firewalls, which are often deployed as a single-port device fed by a network switch (service leaf node), with multiple instances. SSL/TLS decryption now supports offloading the decryption task from these devices maximizing their throughput inspection capacity.
  4. Enhanced private and public cloud support – The second-generation GigaVUE V Series (a key element of Cloud Suite), which was introduced for VMware in 5.10.01, is now available for AWS and KVM/OpenStack deployments — along with additional “smart” features. This enhanced architecture helps organizations simplify moving workloads to a hybrid cloud environment with feature parity on key GigaSMART® applications, including packet de-duplication and tool load balancing. In addition, a traffic aggregation or brokering node is now available for Kubernetes container environments that utilize F5 Networks’ service mesh infrastructure.
  5. Simplified and resilient fabric management – With the third phase of intent-based orchestration and second phase of high availability, GigaVUE-FM provides a further simplified configuration and operation, and expanded scale, of the management of the Gigamon VAF.
  6. Subscriber-aware metadata generation – Making sense of rich application metadata generated from core mobile network user plane traffic can be a challenge for customer-experience management or security analysis tools. The Gigamon VAF is now able to provide subscriber-, equipment- or network-based correlation of the metadata to address this challenge.

This release includes many more innovations within base system functionality, inline SSL, Gen 3 GigaSMART porting, fabric management and Cloud Suite.

To learn more, visit Gigamon communities, reach out to your local Gigamon representative or contact us.

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