Cloud / August 2, 2017

Gigamon at Cloud Field Day 2 – A Quick Recap

Last week, Gigamon participated in Cloud Field Day 2 – a forum where cloud experts, industry bloggers, speakers, writers and podcasters hear from product vendors and subject matter experts on all things cloud.

Our solution experts provided an overview of our Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS and demonstrated how customers can gain pervasive visibility in the cloud for different deployment models, such as:

  • Lift-and-shift hybrid infrastructures.
  • Multi-VPC.
  • Transit VPC.
  • Open source load balancer and service gateway deployments.

During the presentation, the delegates were actively participating in the dialog with our product key experts while asking key, forward-looking questions of our product experts around topics such as our internet of things (IoT) strategy and continuing evolution of our public and hybrid cloud solution. It was exciting to be able to speak with cloud subject matter experts and get their viewpoint on the Gigamon Visibility Platform, but most importantly, how the platform provides value to enterprises who are migrating workloads to the public cloud.

Here is an excerpt of some of the questions raised:

Q: How are you planning to automate agent installations in EC2?

We currently have chef recipes that our customers can use to automate the agent installation.

Q: If Gigamon is monitoring new EC2 instances and acquiring traffic, is the assumption that the TAP agent is already baked in?

Yes, the best practice is for customers to bake the G-vTAP agent in the “gold” image of the application and the application will auto-scale along with the agent.

Q: Can Gigamon provide visualization on which EC2 instances have agents installed and which ones do not?

Yes, we have a topology view that shows which EC2 instances have or do not have the G-vTAP agents.

Q: Is it costly for companies to send data to Gigamon on a shared VPC, from and to multiple VPCs and accounts? How does Gigamon help them?

That is exactly where our GigaSMART® traffic intelligence that sits closest to the application – but not in the application EC2 instance – comes in. For example, we can provide slicing, sampling and masking of data to give the tools what they need to see while also saving on the more expensive network backhaul.

Q: Customers are now thinking about serverless IoT architectures. How is Gigamon planning to deal with this?

Gigamon is looking at possibilities to grab traffic, however accessible. Gigamon has built an architecture that is agnostic to how traffic is acquired. While we initially started off with deploying agents in the EC2 compute instances to acquire the traffic, we have since evolved with our use cases to acquire traffic from other sources – like vRouters and load balancers – with the goal to achieve “pervasive reach and visibility.”

Interested in learning more? Check out the full replay of our Tech Field Day 2 and read about the Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS.

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