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Partner Spotlight: Gigamon and Logicalis Build Better Managed Services for Customers

Logicalis SA, part of the international Logicalis Group, is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. The company offers an array of business solutions for communications and technology, including environmentally sustainable IT.

We spoke with Morné Laubscher, Logicalis SA’s Chief Technology Officer, to discuss how Logicalis and Gigamon work together to bring enhanced network visibility and security to customers.

Gigamon: Who is Logicalis, and what is the company history?

Morné: Logicalis is a division of Datatec Limited. With over 375 employees and a portfolio of services, we cater to 274 local clients. As a part of the Logicalis Group, our reach extends worldwide, providing offshore services to European and global clients. Our acquisitions, including Clarotech Holdings and Mars Technologies, have fortified our service offerings and expanded our footprint in South Africa.

As a global technology service provider, we deliver next-generation digital managed services to provide our clients with real-time visibility and actionable insights across the performance of their digital ecosystem, including availability, user experience, security, economic performance, and sustainability.

Morné Laubscher, Logicalis SA’s Chief Technology Officer
Morné Laubscher, Logicalis SA’s Chief Technology Officer

Gigamon: What does your company name stand for?

Morné: We are architects of change. At Logicalis, we harness our collective technology expertise to help our clients build a blueprint for success so they can deliver sustainable outcomes that matter.

Gigamon: Describe your company culture. What makes you tick?

Morné: We are a group of highly motivated individuals with a laser focus on delivering client success. We drive positive change for our clients, colleagues, and the communities that we operate in to build a better world.

Gigamon: When and how did you become a Gigamon partner?

Morné: In late 2023, Logicalis became the first Gigamon Enterprise Channel Partner in South Africa.

Gigamon: If you had to describe Gigamon with just a few words, what would they be?  

Morné: Deep observability.

Gigamon: What are some of your market’s specifics, advantages, and challenges when it comes to network security and visibility?

Morné: Navigating network observability in a diverse, multi-technology setting poses significant challenges. Effectively managing security posture becomes particularly challenging in this context, complicating the implementation of standards like Zero Trust.

Gigamon: Which Gigamon features stand out the most and make the product outstrip its competitors?

Morné: Visibility on all East-West (lateral) traffic, encrypted data, and container traffic in the organization’s ICT (information and communication technology) systems, which previously went undetected.

Gigamon: How do you see Logicalis fit together with Gigamon to solve your customers’ problems?

Morné: Gigamon complements the Logicalis Managed Service offering, adding value to our solutions.

Gigamon: Where do you see the trends in network security and visibility in three years’ time?

Morné: Zero Trust. Deep observability is going to become a critical part of organizations’ security posture as the threat landscape evolves.

Gigamon: What are the wow moments associated with Gigamon?

Morné: Rapid return on investment. Gigamon brings a new layer of technology that enhances and adds value to our customers’ existing technology estate.

Gigamon: What are some of the new challenges you see in the market that your partnership with Gigamon can solve?

Morné: Gigamon can assist in consolidating tool sprawl as well as de-duplicating ever-growing traffic, thereby reducing bandwidth costs.

Gigamon: What are the positive business outcomes as a Gigamon partner?

Morné: We take pride in our role as technology integrators, bringing innovative solutions to our customers. We are thrilled to be the inaugural Gigamon partner in the region.

Gigamon: What are some of the benefits of the Gigamon Partner Program that stand out? Trainings? Incentives? Discounts? Co-marketing?

Morné: The international Gigamon Team has been incredibly supportive and responsive.

Gigamon: Thank you, Morné, for making time for us and for being such a wonderful partner.


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