Security / February 28, 2024

Dark Reading Webinar: 5 Pragmatic Tips for Preventing Ransomware

Today’s enterprises continue to see an increase in IT devices and a mobile workforce connecting to sensitive data on premises and in the cloud. Perimeter security no longer works when your user works from home, a coffee shop, or the office. At the same time, enterprises continue to see more and more devices connecting to the network. Zero Trust principles help, but with many data flows encrypted and spoofing becoming more advanced with AI/ML used by attackers, we can expect enterprises to continue to see a significant increase in ransomware.

In this on-demand webinar with the 650 Group and Gigamon, Michael Dickman, Chief Product Officer at Gigamon, and I discussed pragmatic tips for preventing ransomware. We touched on East-West (lateral) traffic and the need to support multi-cloud, something top of mind with enterprises now that Broadcom has closed the purchase of VMware.

Other topics included encrypted data and why enterprises should not trust application flows because they can be spoofed and/or used to carry malicious payloads. We also spoke about costs, as an enterprise can’t afford every tool available, nor should they have so many tools that everything looks like noise.

Our observability security research shows tremendous growth in deep observability, which is important as Cisco plans to acquire Splunk. Our research in security service edge (SSE), secure access service edge (SASE), and next-generation firewalls (NGFW) indicates an increase in enterprise demand for Zero Trust and a desire for a layered approach to solve ransomware and be more agile.

I hope you’ll watch and encourage you to reach out if you would like to learn more about our research.

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