Security / October 5, 2023

The Announcement of Gigamon Precryption Technology Enhances Deep Observability Market

Deep Observability Market Set to Grow 100% in 2023

Bad actors continue to push the envelope in attacking enterprises and often sit in blind spots where they go undetected. They mask threats using encrypted traffic to pass through unnoticed or look like legitimate encrypted traffic. Deep observability helps expose some of these concealed threats, and the recently announced Gigamon Precryption technology offers a new solution to enterprises.

One of Precryption’s unique differentiators is that it does not decrypt traffic, nor does it require key management. Instead of having to break and inspect, Precryption technology sits between the application and the encryption library capturing plaintext traffic before or after decryption. Precryption’s positioning in this application ⇒ encryption library area allows Gigamon customers to see previously concealed threat activity.

Once plaintext traffic is captured, it goes through the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. It is efficiently delivered to security tools where the enterprise can immediately gain insights, just like it could with a traditional tap. Gigamon customers realize several key benefits: First, there is no expensive decryption needed. Second, the enterprise gets an improved security posture since Gigamon is not touching keys or decrypting traffic. Finally, by being multi-cloud, Gigamon can help eliminate blind spots in East-West cloud, virtual, and container traffic. Container visibility, use cases like NDR, TLS 1.3 compliance, and DNS security will be substantial growth drivers.

Most enterprises continue to see increased encrypted traffic, IoT devices on the network, and multi-cloud deployments each year. As reported in a recent article from Dark Reading, both Google and Microsoft are changing how they handle older encryption protocols. This is an excellent example of an area where Precryption could help enterprises.

We expect deep observability to play an essential role in helping the enterprise know what each packet is and whether it is supposed to be there. For highly sensitive environments, Gigamon can also optionally re-encrypt mirrored communications destined for the Deep Observability Pipeline and mask sensitive data like credit cards or personally identifiable information (PII) before forwarding traffic to the tools.

We view the Gigamon Precryption technology announcement as a significant enhancement to the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline.

Further, we expect the deep observability market to grow 100 percent in 2023 as it approaches $500M in annual revenue. Additionally, we expect the deep observability market to grow at over 60 percent CAGR and approach $2B by 2027.

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