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Gigamon VÜE Community — Happy 5th Birthday!

Our VÜE Community turns five years old today! This milestone presents a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge our VÜE members from around the world and our Gigamon team who help support our vibrant technical community — and to have a little fun!

Community membership stats:

  • 22,000+ members strong — customers, partners, industry experts, and Gigamon employees
  • 115 countries represented
  • 4,100 question-and-answer posts
  • 4,000 knowledgebase articles spanning topics from installation to integration to architecture
  • 2,600 member recognition badges awarded
  • 150,000 visits per year

Why Visit VÜE?

The majority of our members are hands-on end users or IT professionals implementing and supporting our products to improve network security, performance, and monitoring across their organization’s cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructures. They are typically technical stakeholders in their organizations who — as our Community Manager, Jon, says — are the ones that “push the buttons, turn the dials, and navigate the screens of our products.”

Certainly, visiting VÜE to quickly solve a problem is a common use case. However, there’s lots more on offer if you want to learn the ins and outs of our products and deep observability use cases. Members often search the discussion threads, product documentation, and knowledgebase articles not only to get quick answers but also to gain perspective and observations from multiple users and experts. And the reason so many members bookmark our site is that updated content is added nearly every day by our members, our support team, and Gigamon subject matter experts.

And that’s a core value for VÜE — helping fellow members to stay abreast of the latest technology, best practices, and innovations in the world of security, cloud, and networking.

What’s New in VÜE?

To reward our members, we’ve recently unveiled our Member Rewards Program. When you engage in the community — such as asking or answering a question — you earn reputation points. If you reach one of four levels of reputation points, you will earn some cool Gigamon swag. Our rewards include a phone stand, T-shirt, insulated mug, and wireless headphones. And above all, knowing you’re contributing to the VUE community! Check out our rewards program here.

Now, Let’s Have Some Fun! Post a Happy Birthday Meme

This never seems to grow old. Like we’ve done in years past, we’re inviting our members to post a Happy Birthday meme in the Community. Post them up until September 19 and you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a $25 gift card. Make your posts in the Happy Birthday Group and then visit to get a laugh!


A big thank you again to all our members who visit and post each and every day. VÜE gets better because of the contributions you make. Our team will continue to strive to make this the best resource for understanding how you can get the most from our products. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., don’t hesitate to reach out to our Community Manager, Jon Zucker, at [email protected].

And don’t forget to post your birthday meme!

What VÜE Users Are Saying

The Gigamon Community gives me a way of seeing how other people are using and adapting Gigamon solutions, and it provides access to a useful source of information to resolve technical challenges.


I like to visit the community to find out what issues people are having as well as where to find solutions for the problems I am having. I try my best to answer questions for those searching and quite often must go learn the answer first for myself. I always say, if you want to learn something, teach it!


The more knowledge and experience the Gigamon Community Portal receives from everyone, the better understanding of a given topic. This is an opportunity for everyone to learn something because it causes us to look at the conversation from multiple points of view.


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