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Gigamon Adds Value, Resiliency, and Efficiency to’s Complex Cloud Environment

When customers rely on your services for hosting their critical applications and sensitive data in the cloud, you’re in the business of secure data flow management and assuring the integrity of your customers’ businesses. In this industry, the value-add is being able to manage data more efficiently, securely, and reliably than customers can on their own.

With “cloud” in its name, is in the business of digital data flow management, but the company doesn’t call it that. Under the brand name, Cegedim provides a range of cloud-based IT services, including facilities management, platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) virtual servers, and traffic captures for healthcare ecosystems and B2B. It is also a business software publisher for healthcare and insurance companies, with the goal of providing its customers with a consistent high-quality user experience and excellent quality of service. The services the French company offers represent the combined expertise of over 160 IT professionals who specialize in the ability to capture, analyze, and optimize traffic performance.

As a certified health data hosting provider, has two critical responsibilities to its customers: to prevent incidents related to security, infrastructure, and performance and to offer superior service and user experience. To meet these requirements, the company needed a way to gain full visibility into its complex and highly segmented hybrid cloud infrastructure. The experienced team did their due diligence and found that Gigamon was the perfect fit.

Here’s what gained by deploying Gigamon:

Deep Observability

Although the team had the tools in place to monitor the physical network infrastructure, they needed deeper visibility into the organization’s complex virtual infrastructure, which is highly compartmentalized and large (2,000 virtual machines and 100 hypervisors)

Distributed hybrid cloud infrastructure carries a higher risk of cyberattacks and performance bottlenecks, and monitoring can be more challenging. Gigamon provided with a standard data collection layer for both its virtual and physical infrastructures, which immediately provided deep observability into all of its traffic with actionable network-derived intelligence and insights. “Gigamon completely met our needs,” says Frédéric Le Guillou, chief information officer at Cegedim, adding that the full observability of traffic has enabled the company to expand its services to include network performance monitoring.

Operational Efficiency

With deep observability,’s network teams can now make their own choices about where they want to deploy their IT infrastructure, and traffic can be captured and routed wherever it is needed for analysis. This streamlines operations at the company and helps it maintain its competitive advantage.

Economic Benefit

Le Guillou finds that, by using the Gigamon tunnel feature to transfer data captures between data centers, the organization has been able to simplify the node package manager (NPM) architectures, which has resulted in economic benefits.

Reduced Security Risk

The deep observability provided by Gigamon has also boosted the company’s security posture. It continues to use the monitoring tools it already had in place, but now the capability and value of those tools has been extended and enhanced. This helps the company provide greater value to its customers without necessarily investing in more technology.

Optimized Tool Performance

With the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, has also been able to optimize the performance of its physical monitoring probe. By utilizing the de-duplication function, traffic routed from the company’s virtual infrastructure to the probe has been cut in half with no loss of visibility. This reduces wear and tear on the probe, keeping the probe more durable and preventing incidents.

Digital Transformation for Complex Cloud Environments

With many enterprise infrastructures evolving to include private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud architectures, the need for effective strategies and tools to monitor complex virtual environments like’s has never been greater. Gigamon offers these organizations a straightforward way to access, share, and route data collected across all applications and the underlying network, giving them a way to proactively detect and remediate security threats and performance limitations in complex cloud environments.

To learn more about how Gigamon helped provide greater value, resiliency, and efficiency to their cloud services customers, read the case study and watch the video.

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