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Partner Spotlight: Gigamon and Tenedis/Interdata Deliver Network Peace of Mind

A French company that has been serving IT teams for over 40 years, Interdata, offers a unique combination of certified expertise in networks, security, and observability. As experts in performance analysis and management of reliable, scalable, secure, high-performance networks, Interdata brings peace of mind to its customers through tailor-made consulting, architecture, integration, and operation services.

We chatted with Dorian Thevenon, sales director, to learn more about how Interdata and Gigamon work with companies to best address the issues facing CIOs and help them manage their networks.

Gigamon: Who is Tenedis/Interdata and what is the company history?

Dorian Thevenon: Tenedis is an IT integrator dedicated to observability and IT performance solutions. We have been a Gigamon partner since 2008.

In May 2022, Tenedis merged with Interdata, which specializes in the integration of flexible, robust, and secure enterprise networks. Our two companies with their combined expertise have belonged to the IJNext group for the past five years. The group decided to merge our two companies in order to provide additional services to our customers and IT departments and bring together two markets with strong demands: security and observability.

The intent of the merger is to:

  • Cross-reference and offer complementary service catalogs
  • Strengthen the development of new services for a larger customer base
  • Become an even stronger player in the security and observability space
  • Strengthen our position in markets where rapid transformations are taking place

Gigamon: Describe your company culture. What makes you tick?

Dorian: The three values that drive our teams are:

  • Dedication to satisfying our customers
  • Technical expertise and commitment to operational excellence
  • Agility and close customer relationships 

We rely on these values and on a long-term vision to move towards proactive customer support, constant improvement, an approach that anticipates trends, and the training and empowerment of our teams.

We have capitalized on our strong expertise in infrastructure and network performance in enterprise and operator environments, as well as on a culture of application and end-user performance, to develop the most comprehensive service offering in the market for end-to-end digital performance measurement.

Interdata Sales Director Dorian Thevenon

Gigamon: When and how did you become a Gigamon partner?

Dorian: Interdata, through Tenedis, has been a Gigamon partner since 2008. Their flow collection solutions were always essential to feed both the visibility and security solutions. In the beginning, these were hardware fabrics collecting traffic in our customer’s datacenters; now these fabrics have evolved in a virtual format to be deployed in the cloud, providing extended visibility in hybrid environments from the core network to the cloud.

Gigamon: If you had to describe Gigamon with just one word, what would it be?

Dorian: Simplify network and security operations and provide visibility. (I couldn’t sum it up in one word!)

Gigamon: Can you tell us about your priorities and the markets you address?

Dorian: Our priority is to deliver to our customers, both enterprises and service providers, the best IT monitoring and performance solutions on the market, associated with best practices.

In order to help customers lead their digital transformation projects, we offer tailor-made support adapted to the specific needs of each one, to guide the quality of their networks through an observability approach.

Gigamon: Which Gigamon features stand out the most and make the product outstrip its competitors?

Dorian: Gigamon solutions allow customers to easily monitor physical and virtual nodes from a single interface, giving them advanced visibility and valuable insight into their networks.

In addition, the explosive increase in traffic volume and connected devices, including the emergence of 5G networks, 100G and even 400G interfaces, and the cloud, makes complete network visibility more important than ever. Gigamon enables our customers to improve network monitoring and security while reducing costs.

Gigamon: What unique capabilities does this partnership bring to our joint business?

Dorian: People sometimes think that Gigamon is a product that runs in the background, but if you don’t see what’s going on in your network, you won’t be able to secure it properly, your network won’t be up and running, and your cloud won’t be either. Gigamon helps customers to detect and solve incidents, sometimes even before they know a failure exists.

Gigamon solutions can automatically capture useful data from all traffic and optimize the flow so that only the relevant traffic is sent to the monitoring and security tools. This prevents them from being over-provisioned to handle unnecessary traffic, increases their lifetime, and reduces costs.

Gigamon: What are some of the new challenges you see in the market that the partnership with Gigamon can solve?

Dorian: Visibility of encrypted packets is a must, and intelligent traffic management is critical for bandwidth optimization and storage cost reduction. It also requires fast access to network data in near real time to accelerate the detection and resolution of security incidents and threats.

Finally, with the increased volume of traffic being exposed, it is critical to have the ability to generate metadata from the matrices that see all of the flows in order to strengthen security analysis and performance monitoring tools.

These challenges are already addressed by Gigamon solutions, but we need to jointly evangelize them to customers who may not yet be aware of them.

Gigamon: How do you perceive the network security and visibility trends for the next few years?

Dorian: It’s simple: speed and security. We can only expect faster networks that will need to be secure, so if something goes wrong, you’re ready to respond in a timely manner. Customers will be looking to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for their specific applications, but it will be especially important to secure networks as they become faster and more complex.

Gigamon: Thank you, Dorian, for making time for us and for being such a wonderful partner!


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