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GigaVUE 5.13 Release Extends Hybrid Cloud Network Visibility

Updated September 30, 2021.

With the summer drawing to a close, we are happy to announce the GigaVUE® 5.13 software release, which has been generally available since August 17. This release brings a range of innovations to the hardware and software that makes up the Gigamon Hawk Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ (VAF) for the hybrid cloud.

With the continued growth and transformation of networks, these new enhancements provide extended visibility with increased scale, flexibility, and coverage across private and public cloud and 5G core networks.

Key Features Include:

1. Second Generation of GigaVUE Cloud Suite™ for Azure

Who should care and why?

Any organization’s operations teams migrating existing workloads or installing new applications to Azure public cloud.

Anyone familiar with monitoring and securing networks and applications on-premises should already know the importance of traffic visibility. For assuring operations, performance, and security of public cloud workloads, simply relying on logs and alerts is not enough.

With the second-generation GigaVUE Cloud Suite and a single volume-based subscription SKU, users can now acquire, broker, transform, and forward to tools all communications between their applications, regardless of whether they are deployed in or across AWS and Azure. To simplify management, all of this can be configured and managed from a single pane.

2. Application Intelligence in GigaVUE Cloud Suite

Does app intel in private and public cloud matter?  

It does! Application Filtering Intelligence (AFI) helps selectively reduce traffic, and Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI) helps extract intelligent bits of information from large traffic flows.

It’s worth noting that De-duplication had long been the most popular GigaSMART® application, but as of early 2021 that record is held by AFI and AMI. So app intel does matter.

The power to identify, filter on, and provide metadata for thousands of applications and attributes — which was only available physically on-premises — is now available in public and private cloud infrastructures as well, which is huge.

3. Fabric Management Increased Scale

Is this a real need?

Customers who have large VAF infrastructures need greater scale to minimize the number of management screens needed to configure the entire VAF. And anyone with a moderate to large VAF has been looking for improvements in the performance of their fabric’s management.

With the support of up to 3,000 nodes (50 percent more than before) and streamlining of communication processes, these needs are being met.

4. Ericsson Mobile Packet Core vTap Integration

What’s the big deal?

Mobile service provider operations teams who are deploying their 5G core using Ericsson mobile packet core need access to the communications between the Ericsson network functions that can be comprehensible to monitoring tools. 

GigaVUE Cloud Suite’s integration with the Ericsson Packet Core vTap function enables that. Along with the F5 Aspen Mesh traffic acquisition already supported, this further expands the capabilities of Hawk within 5G packet cores and adds another integration to the list.

This update also includes several other innovations within the base GigaVUE-OS, GigaSMART applications, fabric management, and Cloud Suite software.

You can learn more about the release in the Gigamon Community, by reaching out to your local Gigamon representative, or by contacting us.

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