Security / August 30, 2021

Partner Spotlight: Gigamon and Dynamix Group Help Customers Address Strategic IT Business Needs

Dynamix Group, a Gigamon partner since 2019, is a leading IT solutions provider with more than 18 sales locations throughout the southeastern United States. Through excellent client and technology partner relationships, Dynamix delivers optimized IT infrastructures that allow its customers to run their businesses more efficiently.

We talked to the Director of Sales for Dynamix, Nicky Hobbs, to learn more about how Dynamix maximizes its clients’ IT potential.

Gigamon: Who is Dynamix Group and what is the company history?

Nicky: Dynamix Group is an information technology company founded in 1995 with headquarters just north of Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in datacenter infrastructure design, sales, implementation, and support. Our sales professionals are trusted advisers to our clients and address their strategic IT business needs by offering a wide range of compute, storage, security, and networking solutions.

Gigamon: What does your company name stand for?

Nicky: Dynamix stands for “Dynamic Mix,” which could be a dynamic mix of people, skills, solutions, partnerships, companies, or all of the above.

Gigamon: When and how did you become a Gigamon partner?

Nicky: We became a Gigamon partner in May 2019. We are a market-driven company, thus our partnership with Gigamon was driven by multiple opportunities that developed while serving our clients’ needs.

Gigamon: If you had to describe Gigamon with just one word, what would it be?

Nicky: Security.

Director of Sales for Dynamix, Nicky Hobbs

Gigamon: What are some of your market’s specific advantages and challenges when it comes to network security and visibility?

Nicky: Companies need cyberthreat intelligence that can help them analyze risks, allocate resources, and understand threats relevant to their business and geography, with ransomware being one of the top threats.

Gigamon: Which Gigamon features stand out the most and make the product outstrip its competitors?

Nicky: Cloud and network security and network visibility.

Gigamon: Where do you see the trends in network security and visibility in three years’ time?

Nicky: I predict there will be several significant shifts in the use of technology. For example, the convergence of security systems, the popularity of artificial intelligence/machine learning, and the rise of cloud solutions. These changes are expanding and reshaping the scope of the security industry, from keeping people and assets safe to creating more secure, efficient, and intelligent environments.

Gigamon: What is the most memorable moment associated with Gigamon as a partner?

Nicky: Closing a significant win in early 2021 at a global insurance company. We leveraged that win by having Gigamon present to our entire sales team via WebEx a couple of months later, which has led to additional opportunities for both of us.

Gigamon: What are some of the new challenges you see in the market that your partnership with Gigamon can solve?

Nicky: Clients (new and old) are coming to Dynamix for assistance in implementing security solutions in their businesses. There is also a growing desire to have network visibility and network traffic analysis to help optimize performance.

Gigamon: What are the positive business outcomes as a Gigamon partner?

Nicky: Gigamon provides a structured partner level program that allows key Dynamix investments that yield higher profitability and reward to the sales force.

Gigamon: What unique capabilities does this partnership bring to your business?

Nicky: Gigamon provides strong, responsive partner support when needed. This support includes competitive pricing, resolution of product issues, marketing funds availability, and leading-edge training programs. It’s a true partnership that’s reciprocal in nature. I truly believe Gigamon has a vested interest in our success as a partner.


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