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Watch Gigamon Visualyze Keynotes and Sessions On Demand!

Updated September 16, 2021.

By all accounts, Gigamon Visualyze 2021 was a huge success with amazing participation from a very large audience as well as the presenters. In case you missed the action — or simply wish to watch it all again — we’ve made the keynotes and sessions available on demand. Below, we’ve previewed some of our favorites you don’t want to miss.

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Day 1 Keynote: Fireside Chat on Cyberattack Trends, Big Breaches, and Cloud Security

Independent investigative reporter Brian Krebs gave a fascinating keynote address to kick off the conference. Brian spoke at length about big hacks and breaches, attack trends, cloud security, ransomware, and hacker motivations. Please note this keynote is available for only a short amount of time so you would want to watch it sooner rather than later.

Here are some key quotes from Brian’s talk:

  • “Nothing about the cloud makes things easier or simpler in the short run”
  • “The biggest mistake organizations make when moving to the cloud is how much it’s going to cost to secure the data”
  • “It’s important for companies that are making the transition to the cloud to lean heavily on people who have done this before and steer them away from pitfalls that others have gone into with respect to their data and visibility”

Day 2 Keynote: Using AWS and Gigamon to Gain Visibility Into the Performance and Security of Your Network

If you’re running workloads on AWS, visibility into your network is a foundational item to help ensure that your network is secure and functional. Scott Ward, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, led a must-watch keynote for anyone who uses Amazon’s cloud services and wants to know how Gigamon can help provide that visibility.

Day 3 Keynote: Living in the Cloud

Entertaining, insightful, and often unorthodox — author and futurist Tom Koulopoulos shared his thoughts on the rich and complex cloud ecosystems that will be at the heart of every major trend in our business, economy, government, and society — changing the way we run today’s businesses and making possible new business models we have yet to conceive.

Some of Tom’s brilliant quotes include:

  • “The challenge organizations are facing is to create visibility in order to see every process in the system”
  • “The ultimate in visibility is the ability to see every aspect of the process to see where the friction is”
  • “One day, we’ll look back and wonder how we were able to run our organizations without visibility”

Watch These Sessions

  • Ask the Engineers: Core Infrastructure and 5G
  • Cloud visibility sessions:
    • Scaling Out VPC Mirroring
    • Private Cloud Visibility
  • Core visibility sessions:
    • Using Wire Data in Monitoring and Security Use-Cases
    • Tap and Agg: Back to Basics with a Foundational Approach
  • Executive panels:
    • Core/Network Visibility: Does the Datacenter and the Core Network Have a Future in a Cloudy World?
    • Security: Security Is at the Heart of Your Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration
    • Cloud: Cloud Workload Migrations are Complex and Often Fail; Should I be Worried? 
  • Birds of a feather: 1) Healthcare, 2) Scaling 5G Visibility, 3) Financial Services, 4) NDR/Incident Response, 5) Containers and Automation
  • Security sessions: 1) How Gigamon Enables Zero Trust and 2) Using ThreatINSIGHT Like a Pro, plus three more!

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