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When Visibility Meets Security, Our Customers Win

Updated September 16, 2021.

Today’s global business environment typically requires employees to have very specific subject matter expertise, resulting in siloed teams that rely on specific infrastructure tools to inform decision-making. This is apparent when looking across the various functions within most finance, HR and marketing departments. One functional group where the opposite is occurring happens to be within IT organizations where NetOps and SecOps functions are realizing the value of convergence.

Their mutual need to access broader infrastructure datasets to understand network activity, characterize customer experience, and detect and react to abnormalities appears to be driving this convergence. Ultimately, both teams require pervasive visibility into the data in transit across their network to be able to examine communications and activity, while preparing appropriate action and reaction based upon their learnings.

While meeting with our customers and industry analysts, it becomes clear that this organization and functional convergence is often a topic of conversation, as both groups are seeking a common platform to secure their networks from a growing roster of threat actors.

We initially identified this phenomenon three years ago as we built out a Visibility and Analytics Fabric roadmap that would ultimately enable our customers to run fast and stay secure while also establishing the catalysts for IT teams to drive world-class innovation. We recognized that to continuously expand the value of our solution, we needed to incorporate powerful security capabilities to our market-leading network visibility platform.

In 2018 this process led us to acquire a Seattle-based cloud security startup called ICEBRG™, whose solution was making big waves in the security community. When we met their team during the diligence process, we immediately understood why: They are a team of world-class security analysts and incident response specialists who had poured their expertise into building the most complete, cloud-native network detection response (NDR) solution. 

Today marks the formal launch of Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT — a solution that leapfrogs a complete generation of on-premises NDR solutions that we believe have failed to both provide complete coverage of hybrid architectures and rise to the scale needed to meet the tsunami of security threats seen today.

Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT delivers:

  • Agility and accuracy: Rapid correlation of security events on a single-pane-of-glass that was developed by incident responders for incident responders. We know what security professionals need to be efficient and effective, and our solution ensures that they have pervasive visibility to data in transit and the powerful tools to analyze the data rapidly.
  • Compatibility and scalability: Our SaaS-based delivery allows ThreatINSIGHT to be managed by our experts, freeing your experts to focus on threat hunting and not on maintaining your threat-hunting infrastructure.
  • Convergence: Network and security teams are now able to seamlessly enhance their organizations’ overall security posture by leveraging the capabilities and capacity of a common platform.

For the thousands of existing Gigamon customers — I’d encourage you to take a serious look at the value that lies within ThreatINSIGHT and its ability to help secure your most important asset: your data.

Your business data is more valuable to your organization and more vulnerable to internal and external threats than ever before. It is most vulnerable when it is in transit and particularly when it is in public. In our minds — and we’re glad to say in our customers’ minds as well — it makes perfect sense to combine network visibility, security detection and threat management together to combat this vulnerability.

As you explore the powerful and compelling capabilities of ThreatINSIGHT, I believe you will see almost immediately that our platform has been built by incident responders for incident responders!

At Gigamon, we believe that better together is the winning formula in the war against cyberthreats, and I’m inviting you to visit our website to understand how, through the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric, you can realize the value of having your network and security operations perform better together.

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