Networking / August 20, 2019

The Leader Consolidates While the Laggards Fall Further Behind

IHS Markit, the independent market research firm, publishes their annual market share report for “network monitoring equipment” in June every year. While many analyst firms refer to this market category interchangeably as “network monitoring” or “network visibility” or in some cases as “network packet brokers,” one thing has been a constant for the last six years — Gigamon’s market share leadership!

Once again, Gigamon has been named as the #1 market share leader for calendar year 2018 by IHS Markit. Notable this year is our #1 position not only in the overall market, but in each of the verticals for which IHS calculates market share — enterprise, service provider and government. Our dominance is illustrated by the fact that our market share is greater than that of the #2 and #3 players combined.

The numbers accurately summarize the underlying trends that are a tailwind for visibility —  improving the security posture of an organization and ensuring performance/reliability of network and applications infrastructure. Today’s hybrid infrastructure — that spans physical and virtual, multi-cloud and on-premises — requires the modern digital enterprise to look at visibility as an essential architectural layer of their stack in order to maximize security and user experience.

And although “ports” are hardly a complete representation of the reach and impact of a visibility fabric in a hybrid world, it is notable that IHS estimates that this metric crossed 475,000 in 2018. Add to this the impact of network virtualization, 5G in mobile carriers, hyper-converged infrastructure and growing adoption of containers (to name a few) and it is easy to see why so many organizations are rethinking legacy approaches to security and monitoring.

At Gigamon, we have always believed that network data is the best source of truth to address these transitions. At the same time, the manifestation of network data has drastically changed over the last five years in particular — from IP packets to flows to sessions to application identification to rich metadata extracted from network traffic.

In a world of digital transformation, merely relying on just IP packets no longer suffices because contextual awareness beyond the “who and when” enables operations teams to gain key insights to answer key questions. I would say this is one of the major reasons why Gigamon has consistently been able to stay ahead of the pack and lead the market by arming our customers and partners with the tools needed to answer these critical questions.

There’s a lot more information in the full report by IHS Markit  — read it today!

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