Security / May 22, 2019

Gigamon Insight 2.4

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Gigamon Insight cloud-based network detection and response solution. The new release contains a number of new features and improved functionalities that let you detect, investigate and hunt for potential threats within your network. The product improvements are as follows:

Consolidated User Account Management

Administrators have a new interface and layout for the creation and management of user accounts, as well as for account security management. The simple layout allows for the quick provisioning of users, as well as consistent policy enforcement across Gigamon Insight, as seen in the screen capture below:

Gigamon Insight Consolidated User Account Management

Expanded Event Collection

Insight now has additional event collection fields, which further enhances its event collection capabilities, resulting in improved detection and investigation abilities within the solution. The new fields track additional events and entities associated with transport security, domains and payloads. The new fields are currently visible in the Insight portal.

New Data Visualization

An additional timeline visualization has been added to the portal that makes timeline analysis easier. When using our time-based functions, users can simply select the “Line” option to see data in this new format, as seen below:

Users can simply select the “Line” option to see data in this new format

Portal Fixes

Insight 2.4 also incorporates a series of minor fixes that provide better interface rendering of information and proper search setting propagation within the product, as well as quick views into intelligence related to various records. These are detailed within the product’s Release Notes.

For additional information, please access the Release Notes, available within the Insight portal. To report urgent issues or bugs, please contact our support team. Thank you!

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