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Gigamon Launches New Education Services to Ensure Maximum ROI from Products


We are proud to announce our innovative Education Services program. This brand-new set of courses and certifications will help our customers and channel partners understand the value proposition of Gigamon solutions so they can obtain faster ROI through expedited implementation and a better use of the product features.

What’s New in Gigamon Education Services?

Gigamon has launched a standardized curriculum that will be available worldwide. We will continue to work with a select number of Authorized Training Partners (ATP) to deliver the classes. Now, however, the courses are available to be purchased via the channel to Gigamon, making the procurement process for the total solution more convenient and seamless. Gigamon will also now offer a proctored certification exam for both our channel partners and customers.

The new Education Services curriculum currently includes:

  • Gigamon Foundation (two days) — Covers the foundational skills needed by security and network teams to understand how to initially configure Gigamon products and GigaSMART® software features.
  • Designing and Implementing the Gigamon Inline Bypass Threat Prevention Solution (two days) — Teaches how best to design and implement the Gigamon Inline Bypass Threat Prevention Solution to help reduce costs, maximize security effectiveness and improve network resiliency.
  • Gigamon Certified Professional (GCP) Boot Camp (five days) — Prepares attendees to implement and optimize the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform. Validates the customer’s expertise in network visibility across the physical, virtual and cloud environments. This will appeal to advanced or experienced users of Gigamon solutions. It also offers attendees the option of taking the GCP exam.

You can take the GCP exam to validate your expertise in network visibility across the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure and across a number of security use cases. After you pass the exam and get certified, you can use the GCP accreditation to publish your expertise, such as in your title, on a business card, on your email signature, on LinkedIn and on your resume.

Channel partners can purchase the Education Services and use them either internally to improve their security and networking personnel’s knowledge and skills at implementing and optimizing Gigamon solutions, or resell them to customers.

Who Will Benefit from This Training

  • All users of Gigamon products and channel partners implementing Gigamon solutions
  • Security operations professionals and architects
  • Network operations professionals and architects
  • Professional services and system integration specialists
  • Network and security administrators and architects


Education Services provide you with knowledge and skills to:

  • Implement pervasive network visibility solutions across physical, virtual and cloud environments to help strengthen security postures
  • Reduce security tool sprawl and, therefore, costs by providing just the right traffic for the tools to inspect
  • Bridge the gap between SecOps and NetOps teams by strengthening security while enabling network uptime

To learn more about the curriculum, please visit the Education Services web page.

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