Trending / August 3, 2016

Gigamon Shares Insights on the Tectonic Shift in Security at Gartner Catalyst

Later this month the worlds of big data, analytics, and security will collide at the annual Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego. While enterprise data continues to grow at an explosive rate, organizations are increasingly aware that their ability to protect it has gotten exponentially harder. Gone are the days when they could rely on a model of prevention, and the more realistic approach is now one of detection and containment. The question is, how?

Gigamon’s CTO Shehzad Merchant and Scott Maxwell, CISO of San Diego County Credit Union, will co-present on “Metadata, Big Data and the Coming Tectonic Shift in Security” at 1 pm on Monday, August 15th in the Solution Showcase Theater next to the Gigamon booth #601.  Attendees will learn more about:

  • A detection-based strategy requires building context of the organization’s operating environment, triangulating bad-like behavior against what is normal-like behavior for an organization and trying to identify anomalies that could lead to the presence of malware in the organization
  • How to marry big data solutions with SIEM type technologies to properly identify anomalies and stay one step ahead of attackers
  • Insights on powerful and unique solutions that a defender can leverage as the core of their cyber security strategy

To register for Gartner Catalyst, please click here.

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