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We’ve Got You Covered

Updated October 28, 2021.

Highly distributed work forces and their application workloads are transforming enterprises. Unfortunately, not all for the better.

To facilitate this transformation, enterprises are embracing the public cloud for their core workloads. Companies like Netflix, for instance, have recently migrated customer-facing apps to a public cloud. As workforces continue to mobilize, hybrid WANs and clouds are becoming part of every organisation with applications spread across both private and public domains. While this transformation delivers a host of benefits, it also changes the dynamics of the traditional network, causing visibility gaps that make it challenging for organizations to see their traffic and to resolve performance and productivity issues.

Due to cost, complexity, and architectural limitations, traditional visibility technologies are quickly falling behind. Organizations need to take a new and different approach. One that can optimize application performance and user experience; and one that delivers 100 percent, pervasive visibility across WANs, the Internet, the public cloud, and everything in between.

A Shift in Focus

A hundred percent coverage is not just about agile problem resolution, it’s about understanding how to support business and technical transformation, how to give IT teams back their time, and how to help enterprises maximize productivity and the value of their investments.

In the past, organisations monitored their network to ensure it was doing what it should be. But as Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) has given way to Average Profit Per User (APPU), the focus has now shifted to the subscriber and the value each individual brings. With Subscriber Aware Visibility, a carrier can concentrate on delivery of top-quality service to the highest value subscribers—those subscribers who can bear the cost of high-end services and monitoring. The new focus on the subscriber allows providers to deploy monitoring resources where they are most needed and where they will provide the best return.

High Visibility, High Value

Sinefa’s extensive technology footprint (including physical appliance, virtual, AWS, Azure, Linux (RPM), and NFV) enables multiple agile options for following workloads and traffic. Native multi-tenancy and the presence of Sinefa in CSP networks means that organisations can get Subscriber Aware Visibility into their application traffic by leveraging existing CSP services.

sinefa platform_noui

Cloud based visibility platform with an extensive range of simple probes for high coverage at speed and scale.


1-second traffic resolution samples taken directly from any part of the network.

By combining Gigamon Visibility Fabric with pervasive coverage, one-second updates, L7 classification, cloud-based management, and the extensive API interface, it’s possible to achieve a visibility platform that scales with the needs of an agile enterprise. Moreover, APIs allow enterprises to build additional applications, early warning systems, dashboards, and analytics around the traffic traversing the network in real time.

Sinefa, together with Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric in public clouds like AWS and their pervasiveness in CSP networks, provides enterprises with practical low-touch options to get 100-percent visibility so they can focus on high-value subscribers, which, in turn, allows them to maximize APPU and, more importantly, the bottom line.

Find out more about how quickly we can have you covered with 1-second traffic visibility across your whole network with Sinefa & Gigamon.

About Sinefa

Sinefa is focused on creating the world’s easiest traffic visibility and control service to help transform the performance of data networks across the world. Better network performance boosts productivity, eases user frustration and reduces network management costs.  Sinefa is architected for multi-tenancy and scale with zero config deployment for fast and pervasive visibility coverage. It is the simplest solution on the market, providing immediate total visibility and control that saves users and managers time.

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