Security / May 17, 2016

Fighting Cybercrime Is a Team Sport

In cyber security, and even traditional security, the name of the game has always been collaboration. Collaboration includes all interested parties. Vendors need to work together to provide unique solutions to the users and the users will hopefully collaborate with the vendors about what solutions they need. We all fight better when we fight together.

Fighting together and collaborating helps identify what elements are critical and can highlight the missing pieces. There is a key element that is missing from many solutions and thereby a gap exists in the security architecture at the front lines. That missing element is network visibility.

Having an understanding of the network is the foundation upon which all security products are deployed and all security decisions are made. Static pictures, snapshots, and operational monitoring of the network are no longer sufficient. Network visibility needs to be real time, automated, and updated via multiple sources. The adversary is mature and automated and the people at the front line of this battle are overwhelmed with decisions to make and mountains of data to work through.

Security operations need solutions that will reduce that load and provide the necessary foundational information to be effective. Integrated solutions, such as Lumeta’s ESI and IPSonar products, address this need by automating basic tasks, ensuring controls are effective and providing the necessary telemetry so that the decision framework is rapid and effective. Successful solutions must also address the cross-functional needs that security challenges create.  Common use cases exist that require effort from compliance teams, network teams, response teams, and others.

Lumeta and Gigamon are working together to provide unprecedented visibility into the network in real time. Gaining real time visibility into the network enables core use cases that are essential to fighting smart.

  • For the compliance teams that need a high level view of the architecture to meet their controls.
  • For the asset teams responsible for knowing everything that comprises the network and is attached to the network.
  • For the network teams that need to understand what is flowing across the network.
  • For the response teams that need to know the highest priority issue occurring right now.
  • For the security operations team that needs to know controls are operating effectively.

It is an integrated solution that will orchestrate the automated correlation and analysis of data to meet these demands. This will enable us to fight together and together we fight smart.

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