Networking / May 17, 2016

Customers Use Gigamon Everyday to Solve Business Challenges

No problem, no sale. Unless we solve a real customer issue, there is no need for a purchase—that’s Sales 101.

Luckily with Gigamon, there are plenty of reasons and plenty of customer pain points that we can help address, and I am not just thinking about the now familiar class of security problems. On my road trips, I have heard of a wide variety of other visibility challenges that Gigamon can help tackle.

For instance, I remember the currency trading desk at a financial institution in London. They monitored trade response times, but ran into a “first come first trade” issue where customers wanted assurance of receiving their fair share of “first comes.” Gigamon provided the right monitoring solution to help solve the problem, and I still wonder, “How many other financial institutions could benefit from the same?”

Another customer, a bank in New York, spoke to me about their company-wide rollout of Lync for Voice over Wi-Fi. Using Gigamon to feed relevant traffic to a series of monitoring tools, the bank has been able to maintain high voice quality while avoiding outages.

And how about the increasing demand for compliance at businesses? One bank customer mentioned to me how time-and labor-intensive their routine audits can be—where they need to provide evidence on data movement, as well as assess controls and logs for specific customer groups. In today’s virtualized data centers and clouds, what’s a great way to tackle this? Visibility, of course!

What about that travel reservation website? The one now swamped with search robot requests to pick up flight schedules, but where nothing is ever booked and never leads to revenue? What if that company could better understand their workload and customize their offering to heighten sales? Visibility, again, is key.

These are only a handful of stories. I’d love to know what other use cases you know about—and how we’re helping to solve new and diverse customer challenges. Let’s keep digging and documenting.

I am looking forward to more blogs that can become a rich source of everyday use cases and that can help us approach business owners at customer organizations and extend the reach and usability of our Gigamon visibility solutions.

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