Security / May 31, 2024

Deep Observability Market Playing a Key Role in AI/ML Data Security

Deep Observability Market Set to Exceed $2B by 2028

Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) will be highly disruptive to enterprises over the next three to five years, and getting the correct data for the suitable model will significantly strain existing networks. Enterprises that need to move data between clouds may also open up additional attack vectors to their most critical and proprietary data. Cybercriminals are leveraging AI to launch more sophisticated attacks and take advantage of glaring blind spots within encrypted lateral traffic, and almost all malware sits behind encrypted traffic. Given that nearly all enterprises operate in a multi-cloud and hybrid world, it will be essential to have visibility in the right places and get the right data from these networks in a secure, cost-effective, and scalable manner.

Deep observability will play an essential role in 2024 as enterprises look toward this technology to help democratize NetOps, DevOps, and SecOps silos and prepare organizations to embrace AI/ML. AI/ML will take two distinct paths in this market. First, within deep observability offerings, we should see additional AI/ML features to enhance products and deliver more value and better customer experiences. Second, customers are looking toward deep observability to help protect their sensitive data and ensure the data feeding their AI models is complete, correct, and compliant. This data, which used to be protected and mostly isolated, is now being trained and used in inference engines. Secondary or reinforcement training will unlock huge business value at an enterprise level but requires opening data up in a way that may not be familiar or comfortable to customers. As enterprises try different models and both on-prem and cloud offerings, securing the data needs additional care.

In terms of features, we expect more feature introductions in 2024. For example, we can expect deep observability to further embrace AI directly in the offerings and as a dataset to larger AI models. 2023 saw a rapid enhancement of cloud offerings (Azure, AWS, GCP), and we can expect further improvements in 2024. We also expect additional features around encrypted traffic to give complete visibility and additional automation to those pipelines.

Deep observability helps eliminate blind spots in hybrid cloud infrastructures by bringing all relevant network traffic to tools and observability dashboards. Relevant data optimizes the tool’s performance, enabling it to be more effective by, for example, eliminating the need for each tool to repeatedly access and decrypt network traffic. While network packets can provide valuable security, performance, and troubleshooting information, not all tools can ingest packets. For SIEMs and observability tools, deep observability extracts intelligence from the traffic.

The deep observability market thrived in 2023. Gigamon is the largest vendor in this segment. For 2024, we expect the market to grow nearly 50 percent year-over-year and exceed $500M. Additionally, we expect the deep observability market to grow at an over 40 percent CAGR and exceed $2B by 2028. The deep observability market will outpace the overall observability market growth in 2024.

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