Networking / December 12, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Deep Observability in Just 5 Pounds!

We live in a world where data reigns supreme, where businesses demand seamless network performance, visibility, and ironclad security to maintain a competitive edge. At Gigamon, we have always been committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, and today, we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the GigaVUE® HC Series hardware appliances – the GigaVUE-HCT. Weighing in at just 5 pounds, it’s a game-changer that delivers an unparalleled combination of lightness, portability, and the enterprise-grade richness of traffic and security intelligence. The GigaVUE-HCT delivers a transformative impact to organizations that are always “on-the-go”, in securing and managing their hybrid cloud infrastructure.  

Before I dive into the details of this remarkable appliance, which is as light as a MacBook Pro, I want to take a moment to reflect on my own journey and how it led me to Gigamon. When I first joined this incredible team, it was the spirit of innovation that truly captivated me. Gigamon is fully committed to pushing boundaries to solve complex network visibility and monitoring challenges across hybrid cloud infrastructure and this resonated deeply with my passion for cutting-edge technology. 

A few months ago, we unveiled a breakthrough cybersecurity innovation called Gigamon Precryption™ technology. This ingenious development has been a game-changer, enabling organizations to eliminate the biggest blind spot in modern hybrid cloud infrastructure: threat actor lateral, or East-West, activity concealed within encrypted communications. The positive impact of Precryption has been far-reaching, empowering organizations to attain plaintext visibility into all encrypted communications before the payload is encrypted or after it’s been decrypted. 

GigaVUE-HCT: Small-Footprint; Enterprise-grade Capabilities 

Building upon the success of Precryption, our new GigaVUE HC Series hardware appliance is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering customer-centric solutions. For organizations with mobility requirements, carrying bulky equipment from location to location can be cumbersome and can slow down operations and impede productivity. The GigaVUE-HCT eliminates this pain point by revolutionizing the concept of portability. Think of it as a powerful laptop of network intelligence hardware, fitting into a sleek, compact design that slides easily into a suitcase or even a backpack. This compact form factor opens new possibilities for mobile organizations, enabling them to gain deep observability, extract valuable insights, and fortify their hybrid cloud infrastructure against evolving cyber threats. GigaVUE-HCT is well suited for public sector government agencies such as military, air, and naval forces with stringent environmental (heat and electrical usage) and space constraint requirements.  

The GigaVUE-HCT shares the same GigaSMART traffic transformation and forwarding capabilities as the GigaVUE HC Series, including Adaptive Packet Filtering, Advanced Load Balancing, De-duplication, Application Filtering Intelligence, Application Metadata Intelligence, and TLS/SSL Decryption. This compact appliance comprises a half-width in a single rack unit with a depth of under 13 inches; it is optimized to fit in small form-factor mobile, edge, and tactical deployable kits such as a TSA-approved carry-on suitcase or backpack. Additionally, the GigaVUE-HCT provides maximum extensibility in the smallest of deployments, with its single module bay that’s interchangeable with modules from the GigaVUE-HC1 and GigaVUE-HC1-Plus. The GigaVUE-HCT appliance supports a wide range of network speeds in the same 1RU chassis with one GigaSMART engine, from 10Mb to 100Gb port speeds for up to 500Gbps throughput.   

Learn how the GigaVUE-HCT is a true innovation in the world of network intelligence and how it supports the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline in a lightweight package that weighs in at just 5 pounds or 2.26 kilograms. With its extraordinary lightness and seamless portability, it is the ultimate companion for network architects, security teams, or IT professionals who are always on the go.

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