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Gigamon Precryption Technology And Its Observability Sixth Sense

This is a summary of an article that appeared in Forbes on September 12, 2023.

I have written extensively about network observability and how IT operators can use it to gain fast, automated insights and deploy recommendations to improve security postures, remediate issues and optimize network and application performance. Important as it is, observability has become a crowded market that needs a solution provider who can raise the bar and provide impactful differentiation. Gigamon may have cracked the code on this front with its recent launch of Precryption™ and what I deem to be observability’s “sixth sense.”

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At a high level, Precryption provides threat visibility in all encrypted cloud traffic across a diverse set of threat detection tools. From my perspective, what Gigamon has created here is compelling both for its operational simplicity and for the way it protects organizations’ cloud investments.

The network observability category continues to mature, and organizations of all sizes stand to gain through vastly improved visibility into threats, especially in hybrid, multi-cloud environments. In this context, Gigamon has created something special with its Precryption technology. Precryption avoids the typical overhead created by inline proxy decryption, centralized decryption agents and key management libraries. In doing so, Gigamon delivers plaintext visibility of encrypted cloud traffic to the full security stack.

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