Cloud / October 14, 2022

With Hands-On Experience, Gigamon Can Help You Take the Wheel on AWS Technology

Now you can easily learn how to extend your security and compliance posture to AWS hybrid workloads by watching a GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for AWS product demo, or get hands-on experience with the product test drive.

Watch our product demo training to learn about the components of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS, including configuration requirements, how to launch GigaVUE-FM, and how to use Flow Mapping™ to monitor traffic within AWS.

If you prefer to experience Gigamon Cloud Suite for AWS in a simulated live environment, you can take Deep Observability out for a spin.

Experience firsthand the same level of deep observability and protection as you do across your on-premises datacenter infrastructure, extending it to your entire AWS environment. During your Deep Observability test drive, you’ll experience the thrill of eliminating security and performance blind spots by gaining visibility into East-West, North-South, and container traffic flows. Learn how to:

  • Send AWS traffic to multiple security tools without having to install individual agents for each tool
  • Contain excessive tool and transit costs by filtering unnecessary traffic and de-duplicating redundant traffic
  • Generate NetFlow for SIEMs and raw packets for NPMs and packet sniffer tools

Have you already experienced the power of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS and are ready for the next step? You can find GigaVUE Cloud Suite as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) product within the AWS Marketplace or talk directly to a cloud specialist today.

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