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Introducing the Gigamon CultureCast: Inclusive Language Edition!

Welcome to the first episode of our new Gigamon CultureCast series! This podcast will shine a light on our employees, the work they’ve done, and what has helped shape our culture at Gigamon over the years.

We’re kicking off Episode 1 by discussing the importance of inclusive language in the workplace. While Pride may have come to an end, conversations that drive visibility and positive change for our LGBTQIA+ community should take place year-round at Gigamon and in the broader community, and there’s no time like the present to keep the momentum going.

During this must-hear session, we sat down with Gina Hancher, Gigamon director of customer success, to learn more about why inclusive language in a work setting is critical to company culture and employee success. Gina also discusses some key initiatives we’ve taken at Gigamon to honor this commitment. Listen here:

“In this flat, Zoom world, there’s not much opportunity for me to be my authentic self as a leader and as a person. I decided that by using my pronouns publicly and getting engaged in inclusive language, it shows current and future employees, customers, and colleagues that I am actively practicing inclusion,” Gina notes in the podcast.

Here are some quick highlights from Episode 1:

  • Why inclusive language matters
  • How to use pronouns to create a safe and respectful environment
  • How inclusion affects an organization’s agility
  • How to create more inclusive teams and create psychological safety

We hope you enjoy listening to CultureCast podcast as much as we enjoyed making it. We also welcome your feedback! If there are any culture-focused topics you’d like us to dig into, let us know, and it just may be the subject of our next episode. Join us next time when we talk to Chris Culling, Gigamon senior technical success manager, about neurodiversity.

Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

APA – Inclusive Language Guidelines

Computer Weekly – “Tech firms unite to advance diversity and inclusion in the sector – Inclusive Language Standards

Inclusive Naming Initiative – Overview

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