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Marketers Aren’t Losing Customers’ Attention. Someone Else Is Just Doing a Better Job of Gaining It

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Demandbase’s Sarah Doran during an episode of the “Sunny Side Up” podcast to discuss how our marketing team helps drive growth at Gigamon. From supporting business goals at every stage to keeping up with customers’ evolving expectations, we covered quite a lot in our short time together. Outlined below are some of my favorite highlights from our discussion.

Marketing Should Complement Business Goals Throughout Every Stage of the Journey

Whether the company is in an early-stage startup phase or booming and going public, the marketing efforts should be flexible and complementary. It’s up to marketing leaders to support overarching business goals during every phase of the business. Combining business priorities with outside influences and factors, such as a global pandemic, presents a whole new set of challenges and creates unlimited opportunity when companies get strategic.

New Campaign Alert: Meet “Deep Observability”

As Gigamon enters its fourth phase of our marketing journey, we’ve introduced a new brand campaign with “deep observability” at the helm. This crucial concept was designed to provide additional support to our customers as they shift toward hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Deep observability focuses on complementing existing tools in the cloud with network-level intelligence. You can learn more about it here.

Marketers Need to Combat Digital Fatigue

Operating in a post-pandemic world means we need to change how we think about reaching our target audiences. As more people turn away from traditional marketing messages, digital fatigue may stem from areas we don’t typically think about. To prevent the organization from losing out on prospects, we must reconsider how we engage with buyers. Many marketers perceive they’re losing the attention of their customers, when in reality, somebody else is doing a better job of gaining it.

To learn more about how we drive pipeline growth at Gigamon and how you can leverage our ideas to help boost your own marketing initiatives, listen to the full “Sunny Side Up” podcast episode here.

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