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Securing the Hybrid Cloud: A Joint Webinar Series from Gigamon and (ISC)2

Updated September 30, 2021.

The move to cloud is probably the most talked-about activity over the past few years. While so many have talked about it, very few have actually completed the journey. In a recent Gartner survey, from the “Market Trends: Cloud Shift — 2020 Through 2024 Report,” 88 percent stated they have a cloud-first initiative — but the same survey also showed that 86 percent are still in a hybrid cloud environment. So where does that leave us in security?

The reality that on-premises and virtual compute are not going anywhere soon — as well as compute being slowly moved into the cloud — leaves security folks scratching their heads about what to do. While we cannot ignore public cloud compute, we can’t go full force into cloud-based tools. So how do we balance the delicate give and take needed to gain visibility into both worlds, without breaking the bank and creating voids in information?

In this on-demand series, we discuss a few of those topics, starting with gaining visibility into the hybrid cloud world. Then we discuss how to optimize SIEM solutions to best utilize the data being generated by those environments, and finally dive deeper into the new emerging 5G service fabric.

Part 1: Securing the Hybrid Cloud: Visibility Best Practices

The first webinar in our series addresses the critical concern of complete network visibility. You’ll learn best practices and see how a little planning and design can go a long way. Plus, see how to achieve a secure and viable hybrid cloud implementation to get a high return on your investment. We discuss the options available to you in obtaining the traffic, and the pros and cons of each option. We share some best practices in architecting for a Zero Trust world and ultimately what a hybrid cloud design can look like in the near future.

Part 2: Securing the Hybrid Cloud: Optimizing SIEM

Cloud-based SIEM systems are pivotal to any IT organization’s security operations. In “Optimizing SIEM,” we look at the challenges with SIEMs, such as data overload, lack of contextual information, and high costs. You’ll learn best practices in deploying SIEMs and discover solutions to these challenges, such as Gigamon’s Application Metadata Intelligence and various smart filtering techniques.

Part 3: Securing the Hybrid Cloud: 5G Networks

Mobile network service providers are launching their 5G services around the world, starting with radio access network (RAN) deployment, followed by the core network. This has brought the prevention and mitigation of security vulnerabilities to the top of everyone’s mind. Ensuring comprehensive continuous visibility into the network is crucial to ensuring and maintaining adequate security. In this discussion, we help you understand how coherent, high-fidelity network data can enable a strong security posture without breaking the bank.

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