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Soaring Into the Cloud with Gigamon Hawk

Updated September 30, 2021.

There has been a seismic shift among enterprise IT operations — whether by design or by accident — such that most now find themselves managing a hybrid cloud network. As of 2019, 69 percent of technical professionals reported using at least one public and one private cloud, and this figure continues to grow.1 As organizations struggle to meet the demands of an evolving workforce and emerging reliance on a digital economy, there is immense pressure on IT teams to design and implement seamless cloud migration strategies that enable them to run fast and stay secure. 

However, moving quickly in multiple clouds at the same time is causing a rapid increase in IT complexity. This complexity creates a gap in visibility across the enterprise estate, with each cloud infrastructure becoming its own “island” of visibility.

Traditional network tools are unable to see into cloud traffic and, conversely, cloud tools are unable to see into enterprise network traffic. While leading cloud platforms like Google, AWS and Microsoft are constantly improving visibility within their own single-cloud networks, there is a lack of unified visibility across hybrid cloud networks to ensure optimization and ROI of cloud migration. This lack of visibility directly impacts the customer experience and increases security risks on the expanded attack surface.

To close this visibility gap, Gigamon is proud to release Hawk, the industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric for all data in motion across cloud networks. Hawk allows customers to see, secure and automate cloud operations at scale.

Why “Hawk?”

We chose the name because it symbolized our ability to observe, analyze and act across the hybrid landscape — from the core to the cloud — like a guardian for your organization.

Hawk was purpose-built to provide elastic visibility across any and all clouds, public or private. Hawk can see into any workload, whether virtual, container or traditional. This visibility enables organizations to dynamically scale up and scale out on demand, preserving valuable time and resources. For traditional network tools, Hawk provides immediate visibility into Layers 2–7 across any cloud, without proliferation of tool agents. For cloud tools, Hawk provides pervasive visibility into all data in motion, including East-West container traffic and unmanaged devices on the enterprise network, complete with network application metadata. 

Gigamon Hawk also is enormously helpful for continuity and consistency of compliance as data and workloads are moved to the cloud, without requiring new skill sets from existing network teams. For many, cloud migration has meant a complete redo of compliance controls refined over years. With Hawk, Gigamon allows customers to “bring compliance with them” in a simple and easy way, streamlining cloud migration and freeing IT, CloudOps and InfoSec teams to enjoy full visibility of all their cloud environments at scale.

Be sure to check out Gigamon Hawk — the industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric for all data in motion across the hybrid cloud.

Gigamon Hawk eliminates security and compliance holes and helps ensure a positive customer experience. Integrated with AWS and other leading cloud platforms and tools, Gigamon Hawk is able to provide the unified view across hybrid infrastructures that has been missing. 

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