Service Provider / October 13, 2020

Video Q&A: Nokia and Gigamon Discuss the Need for Widespread 5G Adoption

With the number of 5G connections expected to grow to over 1 billion in 2023, the need to optimize performance is vital to deliver a compelling, scalable customer experience across mobile networks. Over the years, mobile networks have evolved from 3G to 4G and now to 5G, increasing the demand for mobile video content, with heightened expectations for the quality of the video. As a result, a new and different approach is necessary to ensure that video quality and user experience are maintained while keeping the total cost of ownership (TCO) under control.

Widespread, global adoption of 5G is important for high-profile use cases such as HD to UHD mobile video streaming and cloud gaming, or remote medical video diagnosis. In response to the increasing demand for 5G, earlier this month, Gigamon and Nokia announced a joint 5G solution to deliver flawless 5G streaming and gaming quality experience. The partnership enables real-time analytics for customers around the globe, providing the network traffic visibility required by 5G providers for seamless performance.

Watch the video below to hear from Dennis Lorenzin, Head of Network Cognitive Service Unit at Nokia, and me about the benefits of this partnership and the future of the 5G industry.

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ is currently in place to enhance Nokia’s Predictive Video Analytics, which can lead to a reduction in buffering in video streaming services by up to 60 percent. To find out more, please visit our 5G offerings here.

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