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The Inaugural Gigamon Community MVPs: Helping Take Our Community from Good to Great

We weren’t sure what to expect when we opened our Gigamon Community MVP nominations last year to recognize and honor key Community members. The Community had only launched in the fall of 2018, so it was still relatively early for members to join and get acclimated. Suffice it to say, however, that the results far exceeded our expectations.

With that background in mind, today I’m excited to announce the inaugural group of Gigamon Community MVPs.

What Makes a Gigamon MVP

Our MVPs are everyday people who do extraordinary things. Think of them as InfoSec and NetOps advocates for you and me. These are folks who come together to help thousands of customers and users thrive through shared knowledge and expertise. They’re passionate about what they do, and they’re eager to assist.

A Gigamon MVP is the first to save the day by jumping into a discussion forum or a group post with a potential solution. They create informational content to share what they’ve spent years learning, cultivating and putting into practice. They show up at events like our NetOps and SecOps meetups and other security and networking conferences — even after long days of work.

They never hold back.

Business consultant and author Jim Collins has said that you need the right people to take a company from good to great. The same can easily be said for a community. So, without further ado, I’d like to recognize the following outstanding members for taking our Gigamon Community to the next level.

Meet Our 2019 Gigamon MVPs

Jeffrey Hunter, Founder and CEO, Foxtrot Division 

Jeffrey Hunter made our Community Spotlight last March. He serves as the founder and CEO of Foxtrot Division, a consulting outfit that provides software and cyber systems engineering expertise on several U.S. government contracts.

“The Gigamon Community has been a trusted and reliable resource for solving the difficult stuff — those problems that are not solved via documentation or normal tech support channels, but require some level of ingenuity and creativity,” notes Jeffrey. “There is one thing better than having a motivated, capable engineer — and that’s having a Community of them. My eagerness to contribute is propelled by the value I’ve received, and the desire to give back what I can to help grow and sustain this Community.”

Vincent Luong, Developer, Computer World Services

Vincent Luong credits his computer background to his time spent in Italy as Perito Informatico. Years later, he studied at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and worked as an SW engineer for more than 12 years. About a year ago, Vincent started working in the system and network engineering sector.

Vincent is passionate about donating his home-built systems to Folding@home, a distributed computing project for disease research that simulates protein folding, computational drug design and other types of molecular dynamics.

Timothy Wong, Security Solutions Architect, Ensign Infosecurity

Timothy Wong is an experienced security solutions architect with a demonstrated history of working in the cybersecurity information technology and services industry. His skills include identifying weaknesses and potential threats to existing information security toolsets.

Timothy says he appreciates the Gigamon Community for its ability to “accelerate and empower all members to learn fast, improve, share their knowledge and grow together based on our different experiences.”

Andy Hutchison, Sr. Sales Engineer, Gigamon

Andy Hutchison hails from Oregon but now resides in Arizona. He’s been involved in IT security for about 20 years, serving in various roles from engineering to IT management. While he enjoys talking about all things security, Andy will also happily indulge in conversation about hockey or video games.

Andy believes that the Gigamon Community is a great resource for security professionals looking for new and innovative solutions. “I always encourage customers to use and view the Community as a trusted resource, looking for new ways to solve problems, but also new ways that our products and services might need to be modified to perhaps better serve the needs of our customers.”

Patrick Riley, Product Manager, Gigamon

Patrick Riley is a product manager with more than 20 years of experience working with networking and visibility products.

Patrick manages the core Gigamon visibility platforms and products (GigaVUE-OS, GigaVUE HC Series, GigaVUE TA Series, network TAPs, optics and accessories), plus orchestration within GigaVUE-FM (fabric maps, intent-based orchestration).

Phil Field, Consulting Sales Engineer, Gigamon

Phil Field began his career in networking, security and systems administration right out of university at a U.S.-based financial services company. Later, he was promoted to the R&D team, where he was in charge of designing and implementing an open systems network, and computer systems for accounting, production and automation. Eventually, Phil took a position as chief network integrator and chief security officer for a major children’s medical center, where he designed and implemented an open-systems hospital-information systems and network.

After leaving the medical center, Phil transitioned into the test and measurement industry, working as a senior sales engineer with a focus on service providers, OEM, ISV and enterprise clients.

In his spare time, Phil is an avid ice hockey player, mountain bike rider, golfer, sportsman, reader, technologist and traveler.

Gyunam Park, Network Engineer, Wins Co., Ltd

Gyunam Park has worked as a network engineer for 12 years in Korea and has also served as a network lecturer for about 3 years. Currently, he is planning a Python Linux study.

When he’s not busy with work, Gyunam loves spending time with his family.

Haider Jarral, Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon

Haider Jarral has more than eight years of experience in customer service and technical support. He’s recognized for his strengths in troubleshooting and debugging network, routing, switching and VoIP issues, as well as implementing proactive solutions to avoid problems in the first place.

Haider has the ability to multitask and comprehend problems quickly, and understand, discuss and drive customer issues to success. Fun fact: His nickname in the Gigamon Community is “GigaNerd.”

Bayu Hapsoro, Engineer, PT. Berca Hardayaperkasa

Bayu Hapsoro is a network engineer who has been working in the enterprise information and communication technology industry for more than five years.

Bayu is well-versed in network/security products, design solutions, proof of concepts, implementations, maintenance and troubleshooting, to name a few.

Are You a Future Gigamon MVP?

The impact of our Gigamon Community continues to expand as we have surpassed 7,000 global members, many of whom post new technical content every day. Nominations for the Gigamon Community MVP program occur twice per year. I encourage you to visit the Gigamon Community today, browse through the technical content, become a member and maybe YOU will get nominated as a Community MVP! Read more about our Community and Inaugural MVPs in today’s media alert.

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