Security / October 30, 2018

Level Up! Read the National Cybersecurity Awareness Blog Series

One theme that remains the same every year for October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is evolution. The speed at which the industry is changing is only one of the many challenges that require us to all work together to increase our resiliency during cyberthreats.

Check out the summaries below to see our take on NCSAM’s 15th year theme : Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility and we all must work together to improve cybersecurity.

#1. Cybersecurity Is a Team Sport

Gigamon CEO Paul Hooper shares his observations on American football as a metaphor for how to combat cyber threats in an effort to improve national security. Whether it’s Sunday afternoon, Monday night or on the geopolitical global stage, the game is ultimately won by shifting power from attacker to defender, from defense to offense.

#2. You Cannot Defend Against What You Cannot See

Discover just how fine the line is between attacker and defender and that in order to be good at defending, you’ve got to have at least an understanding of attack strategy. As the NSA says, “Never trust a cipher which was designed by someone who hasn’t broken ciphers.”

#3. The Cyber “Security Dilemma”

In cyberwarfare, who actually has the advantage — the defender or the attacker? Gigamon Chief Technology Officer Shehzad Merchant dives into this dilemma and explores the offense-defense theory as it relates to the increasingly real risk of escalation.

#4. Everything You Actually Need to Know About Security Training

Explores the often-superfluous aspects of cybersecurity training and instead asks you to consider training from a deeper, more concise perspective. Gigamon Senior Manager of Security and Network Operations Jack Hamm goes further, explaining that frequently it isn’t administrators, but technology that is lacking.

#5. Gigamon Team Member, Part of ‘Under the Radar’ Industry Group, Helps Protect Online Users From Life-Altering Cyber Attacks

Read how one group of concerned cyber citizens is fighting the good fight. The Business Email Compromise (BEC) List is a private, collaborative group made up of industry professionals from both the private and public sectors. Other than being super skilled and smart in their field, these group members all share a common goal: Stopping the bad guys.

Tips for Personal Security

The NCSAM tool kit offers some helpful tips that can be easily implemented to help improve personal cyber-safety. While they may seem like small steps, something as simple as preventing an email virus to propagate across your personal electronics is a huge step towards shifting the power back to the defenders.

While NCSAM 2018 is done, cyber threats never stop so cybersecurity matters all year long. You can find more information here: Follow and join the conversation using the hashtag #CyberAware.

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