Security / July 24, 2018

The Mousetrap Isn’t Catching Mice Anymore

As a global society, we’ve become immune to the news of yet another security breach where personal health or financial data has been accessed by a remote band of hackers or a facility is being held captive by ransomware. Do we know how many times our own credentials have been offered for sale on the dark web? It’s clear to even the most casual observer that it’s a matter of when, not if, the next big breach occurs. It’s also painfully clear that something isn’t working.

Over the last few years I have been telling customers, partners, prospects, employees — essentially anyone who would listen — that a change in our approach to securing our most vital personal, commercial and federal data is needed. Numerous vendors in our industry regularly tout the abilities of the latest, greatest mousetrap that will solve this challenge.

However, are the mice becoming entirely too smart to fall for the next mousetrap? Is it time to disrupt our thinking and take a completely different approach to managing the protection of information? While the mousetrap has had its time and place, it’s time to ditch the old approach and turn to a new line of thinking.

What if you were easily able to analyze the patterns of movement of the mice across a global grid of homes? Patterns would emerge and the home entry methods with highest likelihood of success would appear. Having this knowledge in real-time could alert you to take preventative action before your infrastructure experiences the same outcome. Once the attack is underway, and within your environment, it’s too late for traditional security solutions to protect you. As soon as one attacker has successfully penetrated the perimeter and traversed to your mission-critical data, their footprint may be difficult to detect, leaving you exposed to future attacks.

This line of thinking is what drove Gigamon to acquire ICEBRG. Gigamon has long believed that the network is the single source of truth. While the traffic traversing your network enables your global business, it also provides the conduit of entry and exfiltration for the attacker.

What ICEBRG brings to the table is the ability to generate powerful intelligence regarding attack vectors – across both individual networks and a global customer base. Powerful analytics from Gigamon, third-parties or the customer themselves can then leverage this intelligence to detect patterns that help identify the most dangerous attacks and signal the need for urgent remediation without the time lag of data normalization and curation.

The answer isn’t to add more expensive, complex and management-demanding applications to the architecture. We believe the answer is the ability of Gigamon and ICEBRG to maximize the capabilities of deployed security applications by allowing them to operate more pervasively, efficiently and effectively.

Security is fundamental to everyone today. It’s time to consider a new element to your security arsenal. As an industry, we need to turn the tables on the mice.


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