Security / April 9, 2018

Talking ‘bout an Evolution – It’s Time for a New Approach to Security

My husband and I purchased a new electric vehicle just last week.  As we were driving it home from the delivery center, I couldn’t help but think how far we’ve come:  we were essentially being transported by a computer with wheels.  And while computers and some autonomous controls have been in cars for quite a while, you wouldn’t just add a computer and battery to a ten year old Chevy and expect it to navigate effectively or become fossil fuel independent.  In fact, that’s similar to the approach that some have taken with cybersecurity solutions…adding new technology on top of old in the hopes that an organization’s security stance would improve, but that just hasn’t been the case.

In fact, electric vehicles are built on a foundation that is familiar – with a car frame and tires and brakes.  But the pioneers of electric vehicles took a new approach – they recognized it was not something that could just be bolted on. I think the same is true in security.  Using foundational elements to protect identities and endpoints and data is critical, but security practitioners should consider a new approach to keeping their organizations secure, and a purpose-built network packet broker should be an essential element of that new approach.

The Essential Element of Every Security Stack

This year, I’ll be attending the RSA Conference 2018 with 45,000 of my closest friends. I’m curious to see what the new players bring, what new ideas come to light. Yet, what I’m most excited about is sharing why Gigamon GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform should be the foundation of every security stack.

GigaSECURE is a next-gen network packet broker purpose-built for security.  With it, you can deliver JUST the relevant network data to downstream security tools at the rate they can consume.  So you can deliver just web traffic to a web application firewall (WAF), or just SSL decrypted traffic to a NGFW or APT prevention tool or IPS or <insert your security tool here> ,  or just summarized metadata extracted from network traffic to a SIEM.  And if you’re upgrading your network from 10Gb to 40 Gb, or 40Gb to 100Gb, you don’t need to rip and replace your security tools, or overload them.  GigaSECURE lets you deliver network traffic to them at the speed they can accept. Putting GigaSECURE as an essential element, a foundational element of your security framework lets customers stop tool sprawl and contain costs. It’s time for a new approach to security that decreases complexity, increases efficiency of your entire security stack and decreases the time it takes for you to deploy security initiatives.

We’re excited to share this new approach with the industry and to talk about it with you at RSA.

To learn more about GigaSECURE, stop by Booth 4321 in Moscone North at RSA 2018, or send a note to [email protected] to request a private briefing.

Gigamon.  The essential element of your security.

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