Cloud / July 17, 2017

Your Public Cloud Workloads May Not Be as Secure as You Think

Enterprises are continuously looking to innovate faster and expand globally, and they are finding that the public cloud offers the scale and elasticity needed to remain competitive. For many, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the IaaS vendor of choice, with over 40% of the public cloud services market share.

But as they – and you – make the move to the public cloud, security and threat protection must be kept top of mind. Otherwise, you could expose yourself to potentially catastrophic risk.

Does the Public Cloud Offer Security Threat Protection?

AWS has a shared security responsibility with customers, meaning that AWS manages the security of the cloud by providing physical and IaaS security up to the hypervisor layer. But, when it comes to security in the cloud, the customer is responsible; it’s up to the customer to ensure effective security policies for content, platform, applications, systems and networks running within the cloud.

Gigamon and RSA Provide the Visibility and Security You Need in the Cloud

Gigamon and RSA have come together to develop an integrated solution that enables pervasive and intelligent visibility for AWS workloads. From a security perspective, the RSA NetWitness Suite provides a comprehensive monitoring and investigation platform that detects advanced threats via real-time collecting, filtering and analysis of network packets, NetFlow and log data across your AWS infrastructure. The Gigamon Visibility Platform complements and enhances the RSA solution by providing access to the right traffic on-premises and in AWS by mirroring selected traffic from monitored workloads and then intelligently aggregating and distributing the optimized traffic to the NetWitness Suite.

So, now there is no need to deploy separate point solutions for your on-premises and cloud workloads. Instead, you can take advantage of the RSA NetWitness Suite integrated with Gigamon to save time, money and resources across your entire infrastructure.

Want to See for Yourself How Gigamon and RSA Work Together?

Check out the Gigamon Test Drive with RSA. This fully-automated, no-cost AWS demo environment includes deployments of the RSA NetWitness Suite integrated with the Gigamon Visibility Platform.

In a matter of minutes, you can see how to gain automated visibility into your cloud workloads, distribute copies of traffic, and leverage the power of the GigaSMART applications for traffic intelligence. You will be able to experience first-hand how NetWitness Suite receives the prioritized network traffic from the Gigamon Visibility Platform to quickly investigate and identify potential threats to your AWS applications.

To learn more and hear what cloud experts are saying, please register to join us for our 2nd Annual Cloud Security Field Day on Friday, July 28, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST.

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