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Gigamon Road Warriors in EMEA

Updated October 28, 2021.

Welcome to the Roadshow

Last week, I packed my bags again for a trip to EMEA to co-host a series of Partner Roadshows. Prepped with an exciting agenda, I traveled with a great lineup of presenters to Paris, Frankfurt and London to meet with our European partner community.

To open each event, our VP EMEA Sales Gerard Allison spoke about the massive growth opportunity at hand in Europe, as well as the investments Gigamon has made to support the success of our partners. Following, our Distinguished Sales Engineer Ian Farquhar presented on the Gigamon GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform and offered key insight into what’s happening in the world of cyber threats and why there’s no security without visibility.

See what matters.™

Gigamon is the only company to provide pervasive visibility into physical, virtual and cloud data in motion for stronger security and enhanced network performance. For our 106 attendees from 32 individual partners, the message was clear: You cannot manage, secure or understand what you cannot see. Further, the ability to “See what matters.™” is a critical to any security and network architecture and a necessity for any IT architect.

Gigamon Partner Roadshow

EMEA Rocks!

Being European myself, I may be biased . . . but, the cities of Paris, Frankfurt and London welcomed us not only with bright and sunny days, but equally bright and sunny audiences.

We did our best to run a bit of a local language contest by opening our presentations in French and German. It was a solid effort, but I must advice, be careful with Web translators. One of our international folks (I shall reveal no name) tried translating his director title and ended up introducing himself as the “Director of Dogs” in France and as a “Film Director” in Germany.

The Power of Marketing and “Ease of Doing Business” Go a Long Way

Another top agenda point was having our Director of WW Channel Marketing Tanja Froehlingsdorf speak on the rollout of the new Gigamon partner portal and partner locator. As a new fully mobile, reactive, single pain of glass for partners, the new portal will further incorporate lead distribution and management as well as a leading-edge marketing resource center that provides campaigns and co-brandable marketing collateral at zero cost to our partners.

Gigamon + 1

Gigamon is never a standalone sale—it’s a solution sale. That sale and solution formation happens at our partners and is what makes Gigamon partnerships so unique. Our partners can provide complete architectures that have been designed around more than 50 ecosystem network or security tool alliances. Not only does Gigamon provide fully detailed ecosystem sales plays and use cases, but we’ve also launched campaigns and solutions briefs together with our eco-partners, shrink wrapped and ready for partner use.  THINK GIGAMON + 1.

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