Security / April 25, 2017

Boost Your Network IQ with GigaVUE-HC3

Every week brings its share of high-profile security breaches. Just last week, Shoney’s Restaurants and Intercontinental Hotels announced a major hack involving stolen customer credit card information. The modus operandi was surprisingly simple: Hackers remotely installed malware on PoS equipment to extract the data.

Let’s face it, organizations are seeing increasing volumes of data travelling at higher speeds across on-premise and cloud environments. Cisco estimates that, in 2015, 4.72ZB of global data center traffic was generated.[i] Under those conditions, it has become nearly impossible for IT managers to look into every stream of data and entirely secure their network.

Overwhelmed, IT organizations have added more tools to monitor and secure their network, which, in turn, means more complexity that leaves glaring security gaps in the IT infrastructure and hinders security tools’ ability to identify unusual traffic patterns like the ones that happened with Shoney’s and Intercontinental.

These hacks are a glaring illustration of the need for a high-intelligence visibility platform that can quickly identify the unusual traffic patterns and help secure the network despite the speed and high volume of data. It’s time now to boost the ability of IT operators and security managers to get the full visibility they need. That’s why Gigamon is now offering the GigaVUE-HC3, a smarter visibility platform with a higher capacity to make security and monitoring tools more efficient.

The GigaVUE-HC3 has been designed to directly address the bottleneck in monitoring and security infrastructures while delivering the intelligence to further improve security postures. Its vastly enhanced capability, with 800Gbps of traffic intelligence, provides comprehensive visibility—at scale—to see more, secure more, and expand security and monitoring infrastructures to meet the needs of your business.

See More, Secure More

With up to 25Tbps of traffic intelligence processing across 32 clustered nodes, the GigaVUE-HC3 enables you to gain deeper visibility into your data in motion, minimize traffic overload, extract metadata from network traffic, and provide more effective options to deploy both inline and out-of-band security tools.

Scale to Your Needs

The GigaVUE-HC3 visibility node provides comprehensive  security intelligence in 10, 40 and 100Gb networks. With mix-and-match capabilities, this modular appliance enables IT operators and security managers to establish and expand their visibility platform as needs grow, and to maximize ROI.

Shoney’s and Intercontinental might have been able to prevent their recent security breach had they encrypted payment transactions end-to-end with smart cards and terminals. However, with more encrypted data running on the network, their IT managers would need a high-intelligence visibility platform to ensure that the encrypted information is not harboring hidden malware and that customer data is not being extracted. Assuredly, GigaVUE-HC3 would be a great help—and it’s available now.

[i] Cisco Global Cloud Index, 2016

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