Networking / July 21, 2016

Hasten Proof of Concepts—and Time to Value—with Pervasive Visibility

To keep pace with a threat landscape that is evolving daily, organizations must be equally nimble in choosing and deploying new security solutions. Unfortunately, the tools deployed last year may not be the only tools needed to remain secure today.

With the Gigamon GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform (SDP), organizations gain not only pervasive visibility and a means of monitoring network traffic that enables existing security tools to detect unwarranted and malicious activity and respond to threats faster, but also the ability to conduct multiple technology proof of concepts (PoCs) on production traffic—with zero disruption.

As part of these proof-of-concept comparisons, traffic can be replicated to multiple tool ports so that any number of tools can access the same traffic. Once connected to the GigaSECURE SDP, organizations can plug in, forward traffic to, and test a variety of security solutions out of band—and in parallel—for true side-by-side bake-offs. They can also ensure that the conditions and traffic flow are the same for each tool tested, leaving no room for “unfair advantage” excuses should one tool fail to perform as well as others.

Additionally, if one solution is preferred, it can be programmatically taken inline while the others can be disconnected without disrupting the flow of production traffic. The entire process can be completed without involving the organization’s networking team—a huge advantage when it comes to controlling the POC schedule and test environment.

In a constantly changing market, organizations can use the GigaSECURE SDP to test and deploy all variety and number of technology solutions at will. In fact, one security customer, who had the GigaSECURE SDP up and running with in a week, reported an 80-percent increase in product deployment speeds.

Once an organization makes a decision to deploy a product, it wants to go from decision to feeding data to security tools to finding the bad guys. In a large organization, it is not uncommon to need to assess hundreds of product per year. That’s multiple products per week, which, if tested in succession, could take considerable (and costly) time and effort. What business wouldn’t want the PoC process to flow 80 percent faster?

After implementing the GigaSECURE SDP, organizations cannot imagine conducting a proof of concept—let alone running their security infrastructure—without it. It’s all about enhancing business agility and hastening time to value.

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